The Naked and Shameless

Tu'Vass drifted in and out a consciousness as the strange floating yellow blob moved in and out of her vision. Dr. Artemis hovered around her, poking and probing her finger tips, palms, ears, horns and taking her temperature. Insuring it would not raise any higher. She seemed to understand what was happening, well that could be said to be half true. She likely didn't understand the words being said, not to her but just as readings about her were read, but she seemed to understand she was being taken care of. Every now and then a groggy bit of non-words would slip off her lips. Sounding a bit like reverse Japanese being spoken by a bird. The girl's body was all to reminiscent, at least besides her hands, feet, and horns. Her hair though green seemed to be made of the same keratin as humans. Her bone structure was human in shape. Skin seemed simply thinner then a humans, and not that the married Dr. would notice for anything other then medical reasons, and observer would likely note the human like breast. Though they are quite small (AAA cups). Another notable difference is the lack of hair follicles on the body aside from the eye brows, lashes and hair on her head and horns.

During a reaction test where her pupil dilation was tested she swatted the light source away and rubbed the tested eye before mumbling again. Tu seemed to want to sit up. She finally managed to, to the dismay of Art. Surprisingly, unlike what one would think to happen she didn't seem to mind being on a cold metal table naked aside from a few bandages one around her upper left arm and one on her right ankle, covering cuts that could be infected. Her eyes flickered round the room seeming to be taking in everything. Tu'Vass thought she must be dreaming. "Usedukatōk ot iumas ometot aw ohsab onok" she rambled in her chirpy voice running her finger tips on the smooth metal slab. She blinked again, and the brain in a jar came into clear view. "Usedōymik ometot aw ōn on ihsataw" she said before her face went more pale. Tu covered her mouth letting out a small burp, bur her other hand covered her stomach the (apparently) interstellar sign for 'going to puke'. It was to late to stop her or get something for her to use before she did. The emesis smelled nothing like a human. It smelled like citrus fruit and hazelnuts. After the matter had concluded Tu had a look of someone who was to sorry for words, even if they could understand her.

(OOC: sorry if that was out of Arts character. If so I'll try better next time. also sorry if this is short by your standards I typed this very early in the morning for me. don't want to spoil it but the 'virus' is a human version of a common cold and stomach flu.)

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