Albert Psy. D. "To The Bar"

Albert Psy. D.
JMC Blue Dwarf, Personal Quarters
Space date 30/8/2100
Albert placed his old leather briefcase on the desk and glanced about the
room casually. He then laid his bags on the cot and sat down on the edge not
knowing exactly where to begin. He pulls out a log- book and begins to
Many years of training and practice, and I find myself aboard a real
starship. I am very excited about the future as I have a great interest in
space and working with this ship's crew. I am sure that I have quite a bit
to learn but I am open to suggestions, so this should be a good experience.
He quickly closes his logbook and pushes it underneath his cot. A thirst
begins to overcome him. He stands and exits his quarters. Albert makes his
way through the corridors and lifts arriving on the Promenade deck where he
begins to search for a comfortable bar.
"Ah yes." He smiles as he sees a nice little place that reminds him
somewhat of a favorite spot back in Austin. He enters the bar and seats
himself on a stool.
"Lemme have a beer please sir." A beer is placed to his front and he takes
a swallow then turns on the stool to examine the patrons.

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