Justina (~ 1st Person)

It seems like every time I get dumped somewhere there's some sort of calamity going on.
Why can't I catch a bit of good luck for once?
The Fates, Destiny, or whatever must have negative attitudes.
I'd like to be put on a peaceful little island somewhere. Just able to lie on a beach, and go swimming without any clothes on.
It would be just my misfortune that the water would be full of ravenous sharks. Or I'd get stung by some poisonous jellyfish!
Maybe the day would start out fine, then a tribe of local cannibalistic headhunters would come after my scrawny butt.
I have no desire to be parboiled, roasted alive over a spit or consumed raw.
If my meat could make the whole lot of 'em sick and dead, I suppose that would be justice. But I wouldn't be around to gloat, now would I?
Look at me. I can't even get some nice clothes. Stinking, presoaked-with-somebody-else's-sweat, and God knows what else!
Sheeesh. Give me a break!
And the only men interested in me are some mongrels tryin' to sell me to the highest bidder. Wonderful!
It's like the old saying goes: "Wish on one hand, and crap in the other. See which one fills up first!"

(OOC-For those of you that know history ~ Normandy ,1944!)

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