First Person: Rotary Death

Wait a minute. What am I doing? A bow against an army? There are much better weapons for this job. Damn you habit.

Jamie stopped firing his bow for a second, and left Eve to her land-sharks.

Good job these weapons work on the mind, not physics.

Focus. six barrels, rotary. electric motor.

To the outside world, the bow he was holding dematerialised, and turned into a one metre long metal cylinder, which then split down into six separate cylinders, all connected together, all pointing the same way. A belt appeared attached to it that lead to a box on the floor. That belt morphed into what were obviously bullets.

"Bows and arrows against the lightning."

A very old story now, but still a very valid quote. Works even better when there are arrows landing next to me.

He looked incredibly out of place to the contemporary people, because of the huge metal construction. It was nothing like anything they had seen before, unless they were some form of water pipe. He also looked out of place to the rest of the Dwarfers, because of the cowboy outfit.

This is going to make short work of that army.

The minigun started firing as it reached speed, the hail of bullets flying across the landscape, tearing through indian, frenchman and tree alike. The only accompaniment to the wave of destruction was a warcry.

One side of the battlefield was being decimated by a giant land shark, and the other by a spray of metal shards. As far as they could see, both Nega-Phils had disappeared, either run away in the portaloo or had been torn to bits by the various weapons deployed.

This is a kind of mindless task. Wonder if I can come up with - there's one. - a way to rig this nuke to blow up.

To anyone watching from outside, the minigun was occasionally moving to mow down an enemy that tried to sneak off a shot.

I wonder if these weapons can turn into stuff like remote detonators?


"Uh... oops."

I guess that's a yes. Looks like a decent remote detonator though.

"On the plus side, I just figured out how to rig this thing to blow remotely."

<Tag. Can anyone do anything to take over? or has this done enough damage to scare them off? This has been a minor attempt at something first-person. When you try to do everything in first person, it's quite difficult to not switch back to normal. Only tagged myself because it's an attempt at first person!>

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