FPF - Doctor Death

Well that was it. After Jamie and Eve so gleefully slaughtered all of those people we were free to head to the Alamo and prepare. I still can’t quite bring myself to adjust to what is happening. We are going to willingly murder several hundred (thousand? I’m no history buff, especially ancient history) people. This just doesn’t sit well with my Oaths to preserve and protect life. I know that we need to do this, that to survive and to defeat Brittany we need to… To kill. That said it’s still not right. I thought of briefly mentioning it to Cass, but realistically she’d just sneer at me and say it needs to be done ‘for the greater good’ or something. What exactly is that? Honestly? Our own self-preservation? Who knows anyway?

I find myself looking at Eve, blood splattered up her clothes and thinking about how similar to Jaxx she actually is. When did a model turned navigator become so blood thirsty and unrepentant? The way she hold the gun with abject fear in her eyes scares me. What if one of us scares her? Does she turn on us then? Jamie has gone quiet, into his dark jungle meditations most likely to deal with his actions. Even Cass has the dignity to look appalled by the slaughter that occurred back there.

Seems our ragged band of heroes (war criminals?) has increased in number. Not sure about the new travellers, they seem detached from reality in ways that we aren’t. It’s like looking at someone who has spent too much time in the sun and has gone slightly batty. Jay’s passing around a hip flask with a sombre look on his face. Must be nearly time. Time to change history. Time to change the world. Time to become murderers again. Doctor Death, unable to heal the world I have to help destroy it. What would Abbie say?

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