Inner Tormoil

After Evelina and Jamie decimated the French army and Indians they watched the remaining survivors run of into the forest behind them. As Nega Phil and Nega Mini Phil popped out from their hiding place they made a run for the Port-A-Can time machine and quickly got in. As they were trying to time travel a land shark popped out of the ground and bit the Port-A-Can time machine in half. Screams filled the air as the land shark finished them off before swimming after the escaped Frenchmen and Indians into the forest. After making sure the coast was clear Evelina was watching with half a smile on her face as her hands were shaking and tears began to well up in her eyes. Eventually she dropped the shark gun and dropped to her knees and began sobbing like a child. The sharkgun then reverted back to its can shape after hitting the ground. She was overcome by a wave of conflicting emotions as her body trembled from her prior actions. She was relieved that the little pervert was dead and they were spared being used as sex toys but she was also appalled by her murderous intent. She was afraid of herself and what she was willing to do to survive. Soon she realized it was different when Jaxx was the one doing the mass killing. The others may have hated him for it but he was willing to live with the consequences and spare them the nightmares.

As she trembled with her hands in her face Jamie put his weapon away and sat next to Evelina and put his arm around her as he pulled her head to his shoulder and said, "I know Eve. Just let it out."

Evelina leaned on Jamie's shoulder and cried her eyes out as she was working out her conflicting emotions. Jamie saw the disappointed look on Jade's face and said, "Say what you will about him, but Jaxx carried a heavy burden by doing this stuff for us. Even I wish he was here right now."

After Evelina manged to cry her sorrows away Jay helped get them moving again towards the Alamo. It wasn't long before they approached the Alamo and saw the smoke coming from the inside.

Cass looked at Jay and said, "You always take me to the nicest places."

Jay looked at Cass and sighed as he said, "If it isn't one thing its always another."

Colonel Neill said, "Enough banter people we need to get inside."

Colonel Neill then pounded on the door demanding to be let in.

TAG (What is waiting for us inside the Alamo?)

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