A very Grimm day.

The JMC ship Blue Dwarf shook again as explosions went off outside. The hull buckled in several places, and emergency repair crews were called in to make repairs.

"It feels wrong not being called in for these things..." Jamie mused as they all sat around a table in Captain Bruno's Quarters. It was big, relatively luxurious, and Jay remembered it from the time he was Captain. That much at least hadn't changed.

"We all feel the same." Jay replied. "Normally I'd be out there in the Phoenix, or at least a Space Eagle, and I'd have taken them all down by now."

Just as he finished speaking, the explosions stopped.

"And now it's over, and I don't even get a chance to be out there." He added, with a sigh.

"We just need to build ourselves up again." Jade said, trying to help. "Obviously in this universe we're not famous, or even well known. We've got a base to build up from. No pressure to succeed, no one coming to us for advice..." She trialed off as she saw Bruno staring at his watch, still wearing his Captain's uniform.

"except Bruno, but it looks like the XO has already taken over." Cass said. She had finally managed to break into a small subset of the ship's system, and could see some log files.

"Her last log," she continued, "says that the Captain has been relieved, and she is taking over. She's already made some position changes across the ship, and the mining operation has started up again."

"This ship is actually doing some mining?" Jay asked, incredulous.

"yeah, before you landed, I was cleaning a survey shuttle." Jamie said, and was about to continue when the lights flickered off, then popped back on.

"What was that?" Jade asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

"A blip like that could only happen when the backups kick in. But there was no emergency lighting on." Jamie said, standing up instinctively like he was going to the engine room to fix it.

As he began to sit down again, remembering there was nothing that the rest of the crew would let him do, there was a loud, prolonged scream that penetrated all the walls, and forced them all to cover their ears to protect themselves.

They all paused for a moment and listened, trying to hear for anything else going on. When there was nothing, Jay got up and walked to the door. As he opened it, there was another scream, and a bolt of purple energy shot across the corridor in front of him.

Moments later, a cackling woman with a long, hooked nose and black pointy hat shot by, riding a vacuum cleaner. This was enough to draw everyone in to find out what it was. The cackle followed her as she flew past, and as it faded into the distance, a croaking noise made them look down.

Sat in a pile of uniform was a green frog, staring up at them.

"I think we have company..." Jay said, and the lights flickered again.

<Tag. That, ladies and gentlemen, was a Techno-Witch. For the run-up to Halloween, the ship is going to be infested with weird and wonderful creatures from fairy tale, halloween themed. Feel free to throw in your own ideas, but I do have an idea where to take this towards the day itself at the end of the month. >

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