Jaxx began making trips back and forth unloading the lift as Evelina helped him decorate the room in a Feng Shui manner while the others were trying to figure things out.

Shortly afterwards XO Ashley called Evelina on the intercom.

XO: Ensign Stone are you still with the Captain?

Evelina: Uhh yes Ma'am.

XO: Good you being transferred to the SS Fire Fox today along with some others. I need you to collect your things and report to Starbug 11 in hanger 15 in two hours.

Evelina's heart sank as she was worried and looked at the others before she looked at Jaxx trying to suppress her feelings. This meant she was going away for a long time and she was speechless. Her hands trembled as she imagined never seeing anyone again.

Then XO Ashley called all the MACOs on the intercom.

XO: All MACOs.....I repeat.....all MACOs, you being transferred to the SS Fire Fox today. I need you to collect your things and report to Starbug 11 in hanger 15 in two hours.

Jaxx smirked as he was glad he and Evelina would get to stay together at least. Then they looked at the others who were shocked by the order. Jaxx nervously rubbed the back of his head and looked at the others.

Jaxx: Duty calls so like, chow peoples. Good luck wit yur wicked situation and stuff.

Evelina wasn't sure how to say what she needed to say. Part of her was going to miss the others but at the same time she felt she really didn't know them that well. Granted Jay was her CO a long time ago, but they were only on a professional level and the only time she got more attention from him was when her and the rest of the Rowdy Girls got busted for binge drinking and playing pranks. As for the others, Cass kept her distance emotionally, Jade was always playing the good doctor slash mediator, and the others she barely knew or kept dying. She only one she semi bonded with was Jamie since he was willing to teach her a bit on Engineering, but as she thought about it she didn't really know him that well since he bottled up his feelings. She wondered if they were thinking the same thing as she was as she was trying to find the words to express herself.

Evelina: Sorry..........I guess this is where we go our separate ways then.

Jaxx wasn't sure what to say to them since he never felt they were ever really friends. They were just stuck on the same ship together. Even at the beginning their relationship was strained due to his shark nature. If anything they just put up with each other because they had to in order to survive. Even after his memory loss he only bonded with two others who were Davy Jones whom he buried on Fernandos and Evelina who was his wife in the past universe and his girlfriend in this universe. As he reflected on his relationship with the crew he realized how little they really knew about each other. He didn't even know if any of them had a favorite color, favorite song, or food or anything really personal about them. He only knew what he saw or what they told him. Granted his life out of the tank was shorter than theirs none of them ever really got to know him either. Hec not one of them even asked how he was when he was gone for so long except Evelina. As he looked at them he sighed realizing they would only miss his presence in battle and when they need some extra muscle. Since he was not sure what the future held for him he wasn't to worried about possibly never seeing them again as long as he was his Evebabe.

Jaxx: Well we really shook the pillars of the universe, didn't we, flyboy?

Jay: I guess we did Jaxx.

Jaxx: Well, like ya see, I'm not saying that I've totally been everywhere and I've like done everything, but I do know it's a pretty righteous universe we live in here, and a dude would have to be some kind of Smeghead to think we totally won't cross paths again.

Jay: See ya around Jaxx

Jaxx: You never can tell bro.

Jaxx gave a semi wave at the others as he put his arm around Evelina.

Jade: So you're just going to leave us like that?

Jaxx winked: Yeah well duty calls and I totally doubt you can form a plan in less than two hours to take the ship over, even wit my help. Besides if I like take the MACOs wit us ya won't have ta fight 'em later on.

Cass: Good riddance.

Jaxx: I'll totally miss ya too scarecrow. Try eating a Twinkie once in a while, yer wastin away.

Cass sneered at Jaxx.

Evelina: Bye guys. Sorry about this.

Jaxx and Evelina quickly headed to their rooms to collect their gear. As they packed they realized how little personal effects they really had. Then they headed off to Starbug 11 in hanger 15 where they met up with several other crew members including the Rowdy Girls. Apparently the XO was looking for a good reason to get rid of them all together. Since the SS Fire Fox lost a lot of crew members during a fight against the Devil Beetles they needed to replace some primary staff members and the XO was cleaning up the less desirable crew members since she had to transfer the MACOs anyway. After a short goodbye with anyone who showed up at the hanger they boarded the Starbug and left the Blue Dwarf. The pilot was forced to quickly take evasive action in order to avoid being shot at by the Ffionians as they headed out of the area. As they looked out the windows they wondered when or if they would ever see the others again.

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