Feng Shui To Go

Eventually, they made it to the drive room. explosions were still being felt, though since they were outside the ship, anything reaching them was just rumbles of the metalwork. Jay stepped through the door to the driveroom first.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" Ashley Ferrington-Blonde asked, she was sat in the captain's chair issuing orders to everyone.

"We're here to see the Captain." Jay said, taking command of their group, as always.

Ensign Evelina Stone nervously watched as XO Ashley took over command of the Blue Dwarf. Shortly beforeJay, Jade, Jamie & Cass barged in demanding to see the Captain only the be confronted by XO Ashley.

"Hah! If he's been hanging out with you log, no wonder he's gone crazy!" she almost shouted so everyone in the drive room could hear. "Get them out of here, take them to the Captain if it'll shut them up."

As Evelina stood up to speak she saw Jay give her a stern eye and a subtle head shake to keep quiet. She nervously watched as Jay and the others were escorted out by security. Then XO Ashley turned to the nervous Evelina who was still standing in shock.

XO: You....Ensign Stone.

Evelina nervously stood at attention.

Evelina: Yes Ma'am?

XO: Where is Lt. Weaselton?

Evelina: Uhhh.....I heard that he was put in the brig ma'am.

XO: Let me guess.......Argh! When will he learn?

Evelina: Uhhhhh... Not sure ma'am.

XO: Fine then you will have to do.

Evelina: Uhh yes ma'am?

XO: I need you to deliver a message to the Captain that he's been relived of duty, because he is ill, and I am taking over as Acting-Captain. And on that note you are to help him vacate his quarters and move him to a the medical ward then confine him to his new quarters. Have it done in thirty minutes.

Evelina: Uhhhh...Yes ma'am. Can I get some help ma'am?

XO: Fine take a marine to do the heavy lifting and keep the Captain confined. While you are at it make those nosy friends of his help as well. Now move it Ensign.

Evelina quickly ran out of the drive room and almost tripped along the way. After she made it clear from the drive room she called Holly on a wall com.

Evelina: Holly can you please tell Master Chief Jaxx to report to the Captains quarters with a large hover lift ASAP under the XO's orders?

Holly: Well since you asked nicely.

Evelina: Thanks Holly you such a doll.

Then she ran to the Captain's quarters where she found two security guards guarding the Captain's door.

Guard 1: Sorry Ensign these people are confined to this room.

Evelina: I know but the XO ordered you two to return to your post while I move the Captain and his personal belongings to the medical ward in less than thirty minutes.

Guard 2: Who's going to watch the prisoners then?

Jaxx showed up in his MACO armor, heavy weapons and a large hover lift as she pointed at him.

Evelina: He is. Unless you want to volunteer to carry all the heavy stuff for him.

Guard 1: Let's bail man.

Guard 2: Yeah later.

Jaxx: Like what was that all about?

Evelina: Sorry Jaxx. Just sending them off.

Jaxx: So like whut did ya like call me here fur and stuff?

Evelina: The XO took charge of the BD and had Captain Bruno relieved of duty. She wants me to escort him and his stuff to the medical ward since he is unfit.

Jaxx: Captain Bruno? Like who's that dude?

Evelina: You remember the crazy shaggy guy who saved us at Fernandos?

Jaxx paused for a minute as he tried to remember. Then he popped his head with his armored palm to make his brain work.

Jaxx: Oh yeah..........I totally thought he like got spammed. Like since Shaggy is the Captain then where is flyboy Jay?

Evelina: He and the others are no longer in charge and locked in here with the Captain. We need to keep quite about this so we can help Jay figure something out. And I need you to carry the heavy stuff in his room and pretend to guard them.

Jaxx: No prob Evebabe. I totally got some down time till they fix up my squad and stuff.

After opening the door they saw Jay, Cass, Jamie and Jade with a catatonic Captain Bruno and Evelina told them what the XO said to her. Jay was relieved Evelina chose Jaxx as his guard to simplify his plans which he was still forming in his head. They quickly loaded all of the Captain's items belongings onto the hover lift as well as the neurotic Captain. Then the rest got onto the lift as Jaxx pushed it to the medical bay. Bruno kept looking at his watch in a panicked catatonic state which made the other feel awkward being near him, especially when he kept adding boogers on his watch. Jay talked quietly with the others as he was trying to figure out a few ideas to fix the mess they were in till they arrived at the new room for Bruno in the medical ward. For now Jay wanted Evelina to be the inside person and feed them information. After they arrived they checked out the room to see where they would put everything and the Captain. Jay and Jamie picked up Bruno who was still in a fetal position starring at his boogy encrusted watch watch and placed him on the bottom bunk bed.

Jaxx : So like wut now flyboy?

Jay with a glare: Just call me Jay alright!

Jaxx: Chill Jay dude. No need to harsh my mellow.

Evelina: Jaxx sweety can you unload the lift please while we try to figure something out.

Jaxx: Sure thing Evebabe.

Jaxx began making trips back and forth unloading the lift as Evelina helped him decorate the room in a Feng Shui manner while the others were trying to figure things out.

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