What's that Noise?

“Why’s there a tribe of them?” Jamie asked.

“Maybe it’s a big host plant? - It’s apparently a great anticoagulant”

“Ooompa Loompa… Ooompa Loompa Diddle-dee-deEEEEEEE” at this the creatures all surged towards the Dwarfers.

“Shit!” Jay yelled “Move!”

It was good news that the mini-Jays had very short legs. It made it harder for them to keep up. THe bad news was that the foliage in the area was above their heads for the most part, so they could keep running while the normal height people had to duck, push or cut their way through.

Jamie forced his way to the front, and had a machete he was using to cut through the greenery, making a path for the others. Him and Jay made short work of the plants holding them back, and they kept up a good speed. Pausing for a very short time while a snake was dealt with. Jamie threw it back towards the incoming horde in the hope it would slow them down a bit.

"Quicksand!" Jamie called, and held his arms out to stop everyone.

"We don't have time to stop, just go around it!" Jay said, and took a step. He felt his foot start to slide, and pulled it back. "hang on..."

"You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?" Jamie asked, with a grin.

"I think we all are." Cass chipped in.

About twenty seconds later, Cass and Jade stood at the edge of the quicksand pit, and the others were nowhere to be seen. The cries of "EEEEEEE" from the mini-Jay oompa-loompas gained volume as they approached.

"Wait for us!" Jade called, across the quicksand. As Cass had said, intelligence was difficult to replicate. As the horde approached, they were pulled up into the trees to safety, and the horde charged by, piling across the sand. They realised what was happening far too late, and started sinking.
On the safety of land, Cass dropped back down beyond the horde, and kicked a couple of stragglers in. The bounced over a few of the closer midgets, which forced them further into the sand.

They gave it a few minutes, then dropped down. Slowly, the horde turned to face them, and started struggling to reach their targets. This only served to hasten their fate, as they began to sink more.

"That was a good idea. Now we just need to find where we are and get back on target." Jay said, and looked to Cass, who was looking at her terminal.

"According to this, we need to go..." She said, and turned to start walking. "This way."

They walked until the oompa loompas were out of sight and earshot, then Jay stopped.

"Shh. I hear something." Jay said, and moved to use a tree for cover. Everyone else did the same.

<Tag. Whats Jay heard?>

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