It could Bee dangerous down here.

"What about the daisies?" Jade said. "We're already so close! Maybe it'd be best to just get them and deal with this plant thing later?"

"I'm tempted to agree with you," Jamie said. "Though if Rackham's right, can we ignore this?"

Jay was now quietly contemplating, staring down at the floor intensely.

"Well we'd better figure it out soon" Tanaka said.

"Jay, It's not like you to stare at the floor like that." Cass said, watching him. She started to step towards him, but he held a hand out to stop her getting too close.

"What's wrong?" she asked, as he continued to stare at the same spot on the floor.

"I don't think these tunnels were made by the tree." Jay said, finally. He bent down, touched the goo on the floor, and stood up again. His finger had some of the thick, yellow gloop on it.

"It's honey." he said, smelling it. "I think this is the bee's nest."

"Then there should be bees in here." Jamie said, scanning around and listening intently.

"What if the tree stopped them getting out this way?" Tanaka said, "I mean, by closing that door."

"Everyone, quiet for a second." Jamie said, with a real sound of authority, and crouched down, touching a space of the floor that wasn't covered in honey. He closed his eyes, and was silent and motionless while everyone nearby kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt him and whatever he was doing. Eventually, he stood again.

"This is definitely the nest. I can sense the vibrations they're creating, but I think we're far enough away to not be a problem right now." He explained.

"Wow, I could tell you had jungle experience, but that was awesome." Rackham said, "You're on point. Honey was on the list."

"What's wrong with this honey?" Kumar asked, dipping his finger in it and going to eat it.

"No!" Jade said, and stopped him. "The honey they harvest that is good enough to eat is kept in the hives. This stuff has probably been here for a while, and could have mixed with anything, even poisonous things."

Cass pulled her tablet around from the strap on her back, and held it closer to the honeyed walls. "She's right. This stuff is mostly honey, but it's also slightly toxic. Wouldn't call it dangerous, but not healthy either."

"Then we move through here," Jay said, stepping up to the front with Jamie. "grab some honey on the way through, and use the tunnels to get to the top, where we can find the daisies."

"I just hope these things are less dangerous than the hornets on Fernandos..." Jamie muttered quietly to himself, as the group made their way deeper into the tunnels, their torches illuminating the yellow-gold syrup as they walked.

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