Unsolved Mysteries

Jade screamed.

Thankfully, you couldn't hear it over the buzzing of the enormous insectoid wings that somehow managed to keep them in the air. In fact, she wasn't sure that her throat was producing noise any more she had been screaming for so long. Jay it seemed wasn't lying, he could indeed fly anything. It was a shame that the large bumblebee only had room for three of them on the back. Cass had gripped Jay by the waist and refused to let go and Tanaka offered to take the more precarious rear 'seat' leaving Jade and Jamie to cling on for dear life to one of it's legs.

She reflected, that it was a good thing that she wasn't overly scared of heights, as she more than likely would have passed out several minutes ago.

They had progressed through the hive with relative ease. Once it had been established that Jay was able to talk to the insects, (he mumbled something about spending too long with the Hymenopterra and having 600 years to learn what they had been talking about) things went quite smoothly indeed. There were a few dialect differences, which resulted in Tanaka nearly being impaled, but thanks to some swift thinking he was able to go soft-light and avoid any embarrassing drama.

The Bees had willingly sacrificed some honey to the humans given they provided them with such a wonderful home. They had also willingly given up a couple of Mountain Daisies. Turns out, that not only did they grow on mountains, but were larger than any plant even Jamie had ever seen.

All in all it was a successful hunt that all of them would rather forget, and it was a tired and weary group of Dwarfers that resigned to get cleaned up and meet in Parrotts for a congratulatory success beer.


Tara breathed a sigh of relief as she counted in the supplies to the stasis storage units. They hadn't discovered the truth, they hadn't blown the whole Arboretum up or ruined the oxygen supplies for the ship. This was good. The only thing she wondered was why Jay hadn't done it. The man was too good to let it rest.

He had been acting strangely recently. Something was up. Tara scowled, and muttered to herself.

"I'll bet it's that damned verger. She's converting him or something." She tapped on a data pad as the last of the items was filed away. She smiled wryly, deciding that it was about damn time she looked into exactly what that strange verger was all about. The woman didn't even seem to know how to do her job any more.

There was definitely something wrong...


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