*Action* - Smile, and the world smiles back.

"Captain, I'm picking up a strange energy reading from one of the larger asteroids ahead." said sensor technician Smith. A short, unassuming man wearing glasses that he absent mindedly pushed back up his nose as he spoke.

"Plot a course to avoid the asteroid belt." Ashley Ferrington-Blonde said, directed at the pilot's station.

"Captain-" Smith began

"I heard you, that's why we're going around the asteroids." The Captain said, cutting him off.

"It's an energy signature I've never seen before. It could be something interesting." Smith responded, calmly.

"Even more reason to ignore it. It's probably a GELF trick to lure people in. You should know that." she snapped back. She stood up from the captain's chair, picked up her cup of coffee, and started walking to her Office.

"If anyone needs me, I'll be- Ahhh" she began, but tripped as one of the heels on her shoes snapped clean off, sending her flying. Her coffee, still warm, but thankfully not hot any more flew through the air, and landed on her chest, pouring warm coffee down her top.


It was early in the day. Cass had once again made the short, but slightly longer than it needed to be trip to a coffee dispenser, the only one on the ship she currently trusted to get it right. She walked, staring down at her tablet, reading some information that had been sent to it by Holly.

"Good morning, reverend." said one of the crew that passed her. She barely even looked up, and gave an automatic grunt of acknowledgement. The crew member continued on his way, and shook his head at the impolite reaction that he was rather unaccustomed to from the on-board clergy.

She reached the coffee machine, and asked for her usual. A chirpy reply from the machine elicited a groan, and secret wish that this machine's voice modulator be removed forcibly flashed through her mind. She reached into the machine with a practiced motion to retrieve the cup, only to find that it had stuck half way out of the slot. She furrowed her brow, and removed her eyes from the tablet to pay attention to the harder than it should be action of retrieving coffee, only for the cup to drop, hit the surface of the machine, and spray fresh coffee over her hand.

"Ow, fuck. stupid machine." she cursed, and then a blue screen appeared on her tablet, with an unhappy face to go along with the sad face and error message.


Meanwhile, in the medi-bay, Jade was having a very busy morning. A steady stream of crew members with minor injuries were making their way for medical assistance. Fortunately, none of them were any worse than skin-deep cuts, but her cheery demeanor and willingness to help everyone meant that even this short time into the morning, she'd already claimed £$10 in change from the floor, and not been able to find anyone that it could have belonged to. She made a mental note to donate it somewhere, given it wasn't hers to begin with, and continued with her day.


The landing bay was a hive of activity. Talon and a few other pilots had been sent out in fighters to protect the ship from asteroid activity. Even though they were flying around the asteroid field, there was a chance that a collision within the space rocks would send one flying their way.

"Woohoo!" Called Talon as he did a loop around a mid-sized piece of rock, then fired a burst at close range to break it up, and send the remians flying past the massive hulk of the Blue Dwarf.

A call came over his radio, "Joss. Calm that ego, you're there to protect the ship, not risk yours, or anyone elses life!"

"But that's boring!" he replied, and cut his engines to glide through a missing piece in the centre of another asteroid. His ship fit perfectly, and it felt great to have achieved such a maneuver, but the moment he emerged from the other side, a much smaller one flew at him at high speed. With his engines off, he was unable to evade it in time, and the rock smacked into the side of his small craft.

"That's what you get for not paying attention. Get back here, we're rotating you out for today." came the voice over his radio again. "And you're fixing that damage."


"You two. We've got a water leak on deck two. get to it now." Jamie said, taking up his new role as Chief Engineer with as much gusto as he could muster.

"You, How's that project coming along?" he asked, pointing at one of the other engineers nearby.

"Not so great. Hard to find a couple of parts." came the reply.

"Get a list of what you need to my desk, and I'll see what I can do. For now, the fuel ancilliary pump needs a replacement outlet valve. I've put one aside in the store room." Jamie replied.

"And you three, you're on response. Keep an eye on everything." he called to the three guys who were chatting. he then retreated to the workshop he'd set up to repair as many of the 'broken' components as he could.

"He's a bit of an asshole, isn't he?" one of them said quietly.
"Yeah. He's not as nice as Justin."
"He's more efficient, though." said the last. The first two glared at him, he shrugged. "He is."

Moments later there was a call from above, "Look out below!"

They all looked up, and a paint can hit the ground nearby, catapulting the lid off, and spraying a gout of blue paint over the first two guys. The third one started to laugh at their misfortune, but the lid then fell, and landed paint-side down on the top of his head.

Jamie though, in the workshop had been treated to a handful of minor cuts on his hand from jagged metal. He didn't care much about it, but it did seem to bother him that there had been so many in just a few minutes.

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