Wrong Level

The lift carrying Talon to the Promenade, stopped at the Garden Center level. The door opened, confusing Talon. No one else was on the lift. Why was it stopping here?

Sometimes, Talon thought technology was a curse. He even enjoyed flying older flying machines. Sometimes, he felt out of place in time. He grinned as he thought, Hell! I just enjoy flying! Period!

Talon Joss exited the lift as it had arbitrarily decided he had reached his destination, even though his destination was a lower level. He'd find his way down. As he exited, Talon noticed Cassandra Jones running by. It took that long for him to smell the burning smoke in the air, wafting up from the Promenade. Perhaps that was why the lift stopped here. He reached out and grabbed Cassandra by the shoulder, shouting, "Wait! What's going on?" He was certain the fighters had destroyed everything that was a threat out there.

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