How Can The Same Smeg Happen Twice?

"That's not important right now," Iris quickly inserted. "The experiments were controlled. But now, each little piece can take root even in the walls of the ship. They will grow to immense proportions, just like an offshoot of ivy or a spider plant. But these will grow and feed on meat...On us, eventually!"

Talon looked at Cass; Cass looked at Talon. He believed he read her mind. Karma!

"So tell us what needs to be done, Iris!" Talon insisted.

Tanaka and Pickman stepped out of the lift and onto the promenade. People were scurrying about as all hell broke loose with random acts of karma befalling everyone. Pickman adjusted his thick framed glasses and smirked.

"We've hit the jackpot!" He said as he started to sprint down the promenade. "Come on! We need to collect every scrap of data we can!"

"Shouldn't we get to the garden area?" Tanaka said as he waved the psi-scan every which way. Scanning a number of people as he and Pickman made their way through the courtyard.

"We're heading that way. It will be a definite hot spot for karmic activity! Keep that psi-scan handy!" Pickman said. He ran with a stiff posture, his head barely bobbing has he threw his arms about willy-nilly.

Tanaka finished scanning a woman who was wrestling with a fur scarf that had come alive and was attempting to strangle her and continued to follow Pickman. When they reached the Flat Earth Gardens they found Cass and Joss with botanist Iris Stem. The place was covered in plant debris.

"Tanaka," Cass regarded him with a nod, "who's the poindexter?"

"Pickman, ma'am," Pickman said, putting his hands on his hips and striking a pose. "Science team."

"Oh, O'Malley's assistant," Cass said with a detectable groan of frustration. Though she dared not say more for fear the karma field would make her pay for it.

"Hey flyboy!" Tanaka said to Joss, "Fancy meeting you here? Spoiling for more action after that stunt outside?"

"Good to see you got that projection issue under control," Joss said.

"Damn karma field put a peanut in my light bee. A peanut!" Tanaka said.

"Weird," Joss said, bemused.

"This karma field is incredibly powerful," Pickman said, "We need to be more cautious than an attractive woman at a science fiction convention."

"What the hell happened here?" Tanaka asked Iris.

"I was just telling these two. Someone's blowing up our plants! We need to take care of this or..."

There was an audible slimy, slithering noise that grew increasingly louder. The bits of plant that were strewn about the place began to stir. They started to take root in the floor and sprouting buds filled with teeth. One nearby began to snap at Pickman who stumbled away from it.

"...yeah... that." Iris finished.

"You've got to be smegging kidding me," Tanaka said sorrowfully. "More man-eating plants? I thought I had my fill last week!"

"We need to get this under control, fast!" Cass said as she looked to Iris. "What's the procedure for this?"

"We have emergency canisters of herbicide..." she looked to the far side of the gardens where a collection of large metal cabinets marked with warnings for poison were located...

And between it and them was a slowly growing field of angry, starving, carnivorous plants with chlorophyll dripping from their gnashing maws.

"Did one of you used to be Hitler in a previous life?" Tanaka asked, "Because I think karma's being a real bitch to us right now!"

<How the smeg do we get to those canisters of herbicide? Anyone got an idea? Or a really big lawn mower?>

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