Plant Life

Cass was off with Talon following. In his life, he never knew a chaplain to talk like her. Hell, he had never known a chaplain to look like her. Cass could easily win a wet T contest. Following her, Talon couldn't resist eyeing Cass' assets.

Inside, Cass stopped to take in all the destruction. Being somewhat distracted, the stop was too sudden for Talon, who, while attempting to stop, tripped over his own feet. Trying to catch his balance as he fell, he grabbed at the first available thing he saw, which happened to be Cass' hips. He ended up on the floor despite his efforts, Cass atop of him. Karma bit him in the ass for looking at hers.

Getting up, Talon apologetically voiced, "I'm sorry. I'm more comfortable flying," he attempted with a nervous joke.

"Watch where you're fucking going next time!" Cass returned before remembering she had to play nice.

They both arose, looking around them. There were parts of plant life strewn about. Several people lay unconscious. Finding the closest, Talon recognized one of the botanists, Iris Stem. With a name like that, how could she be anything else in life. Talk about karma!

Iris was beginning to regain consciousness. "Someone is blowing up our experimental carnivorous plants."

Carnivorous? thought Cass. "Just what the fuck kind of meat do you feed them?"

My thoughts exactly! thought Talon. He was beginning to like the way Cass thought. She spoke like he flew.

"That's not important right now," Iris quickly inserted. "The experiments were controlled. But now, each little piece can take root even in the walls of the ship. They will grow to immense proportions, just like an offshoot of ivy or a spider plant. But these will grow and feed on meat...On us, eventually!"

Talon looked at Cass; Cass looked at Talon. He believed he read her mind. Karma!

"So tell us what needs to be done, Iris!" Talon insisted.

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