Gno, Gno, Gnome

Talon, on all fours, could hear something speaking to him from just before his face. He couldn't see clearly yet; so engulfed was he in pain in his nether regions, that he hadn't been able to wipe the manure from his face. Finding a handful of leaves, Joss wiped the shit away. Is this how the term shitfaced evolved?

At least now Talon could see an image before him. He had to almost look cross-eyed to be able to focus on it. It reminded him of a cross-eyed teacher he had when Joss was twelve. She couldn't control her pupils, Talon remembered.

Before his face was a short bearded figure holding a hoe. "I'm sorry, I had shit in my ears. What did you say?"

"You are our prisoners," the figure announced a second time. It seemed to be a controlled, non-emotional voice.

Talon was amused, beginning to chuckle at the thought of this little fellow taking him prisoner. "You're very funny, little guy!"

The gnome seemed to be offended by the phrase, little guy. He struck Joss across the bridge of the nose with the hoe. At one point, Talon was upset about the gnome hitting him with the tool, but relieved Cass wasn't removing his own from his body.

"Ouch!" Talon shouted, as the blow temporarily turned his attention away from the pain in his groin. As the pain returned down under, Joss picked up the gnome as he stood. He threw the gnome against the nearest wall, causing it break apart, exposing the wiring inside its shell. "Never hit a man that is already hurting!" Talon shouted.

Joss turned to Cass, the vulgar- mouthed chaplain. He had to give it to her, Talon was never stimulated by a chaplain before today. He wasn't sure how to feel about that.

"Look!" he said, attempting a humble apology. "I'm sorry! But I couldn't control it. I mean, if you were a squint like Iris over there, it wouldn't have happened!"

"It's not like I can't hear you," Iris Stem interjected.

Cass reflected upon the apology that really didn't come across as an apology. Rather, it made it sound like it was her fault for being sexy.

"Just don't let it fucking happen again!" Cass retorted, ensuring the venom remained in her words.

She's the hardest chaplain I've ever met. Talon grinned as the next thought came. At least she knows I can be too!

"You may want to stop using that word at the moment," Talon jested. "Need I remind you of the karma?"

Tanaka noticed more of the gnomes gathering around them. They seemed to be surrounded by the figures. What was their purpose? Whom were they serving? What did the gnomes want with them?

"Uh...guys?" Tanaka encouraged. "I suggest we do something!"

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