The Competition To Be Bad


Thankful she wasn’t in Cass’ shoes, Jade joined in with the clapping and cheering, wondering what on earth was about to happen, but her relief quickly faded as she was approached by heavily tattooed and pierced woman in just a pair of tight leather shorts.

“You don’t get off that easy” the woman grinned “Come with me”

“What?” Jade didn’t quite know where to look.

“Our wonderful Doctor Black” Claude Balls yelled from the stage “Give her a big hand!”

“I don’t...” Jade protested as the crowd went wild.

“C’mon,” the woman held out a hand “It’s not all bad”

With everyone’s eyes on her, and feeling she had little other choice, Jade reluctantly allowed herself to be guided backstage.

“Here’s your outfit” a man thrust a coat hanger of clothes into her hands as she walked through the door “Help her get into it Jenny” he said to the woman “Oil her up if you have to; she’s on in two minutes”


Talon was enjoying himself, leaning back in a comfy chair as Honey Delight was dancing only for him and rubbing her nearly bare arse all over him. "I'll be whatever you want me to be, Sweetie," Honey declared to the impaired Joss.

Talon quickly thought, with only his short term memory coming into play, and he remembered how just a short while ago, he had been more than slightly aroused. "Bredend you are a nimisder."

Already, Talon's mastery of language was coming back as the adrenaline began coursing through his system through his blood stream. The swelling in his lips and backside was beginning to recede, although the same substance rushing to a certain muscle in his nether regions caused that area to become larger than life.

"You mean the one that brought you here?" Honey inquired, also noticing how blessed this man really was. She had never herself been excited during a lap dance. It was a matter of business to her. However, this time Honey Delight felt delighted.

Honey sighed realizing the show must go on. "You know... you are much larger than any of our dancers," she admitted, "who often pad themselves to look bigger. You should really put that on display."

Honey Delight began to unzip Talon's flight suit. Joss didn't know any better, so he went along with her actions, even helping her remove his suit down to the buff. She handed Talon a vest and a pair of chaps, which she helped him put on, while ensuring he remained large.

Next, she cuffed both Joss' wrists in chains, then followed his ankles. Just as Talon couldn't think it could get any kinkier, the chains were raised, lifting Joss spread eagle about 2/3 a meter off the floor. The larger than life muscle was about eye level to Honey Delight.

Talon grinned and anticipated some good karma. "What next, Miss Delight?" he inquired, his pronunciation back.

Suddenly, the wall behind Honey Delight opened as two partitions separated. A huge spotlight shown down upon Talon, revealing all his boosted manhood. Talon could see Cass and a strange man standing below him.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Claude Balls. "Watch out! You'll poke someone's eye out that way!" The audience responded with laughter, hoots, hollers, and a few whistles.

Honey Delight approached Claude and whispered in his ear. "Oh my!"
Claude continued. "Sweetie," he motioned to the girl with the whip, "you better give that implement of judgment to the Reverend, here."

The girl gave the whip to Cass, who had the thought it felt nice in her hand. But what the fuck does he want me to do with it?

"We are all wicked," said Claude, "very, very wicked."

"You're not shitting me," Cass said. "What about Talon, here?"

"Well," Claude went on, "first he came in here impersonating someone with a mental disability to get special favors from our girls."

"Oooohhhh!" exclaimed the crowd.

"But that's not all he's guilty of!" shouted Claude. "Just a few moments ago, our friend here was fantasizing about a certain member of the clergy, which led to his enlarged...well, you get the picture."

"You fucking what?" Cass asked.

"I think she does, by her language," Claude mused.

It was then that Talon realized that when everyone is attempting to be bad to receive back good karma, they don't want to match wits with those who are better at being bad. Now, Talon felt his fate was in the hands of someone he was sure was not noted for being good. And she had a whip in her hand. Suddenly, the blood stopped flowing down under as his heart rate increased.

"Awwwwww! Booooooo!" shouted the crowd.


The show continued with Jade.

Just what is she wearing?

How will Cass respond?

Is Talon sunk?

What about the exploits of Tanaka and Jaime?

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