“Ok.” She said, and wrapped her arms around Cass, pulling her in close and allowing her hands to roam slightly more than she knew Cass would be comfortable with. Cass had time to let out a mildly alarmed protest before Jade pressed her lips to Cass’ and silenced the verger with a long passionate kiss.

Cass was so shocked, that before she even realised what she was doing, her lips had parted to caress Jade’s tongue with hers, still sweet with the taste of whatever the fuck they had been drinking.

This was all the encouragement Jade needed and she pushed Cass backwards, to perch on the edge of the table behind her, while she shimmied in between her legs and continued the kiss.

“Shit” Cass broke it off first “This is a terrible idea”

“Yeah,” Jade breathed “but it’s fun, isn’t it?”

“I know, but...”

“We’re meant to be being bad, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but I... I value your friendship too much for this” Cass protested weakly

“Well, it could be something more” Jade grinned, impishly “When was the last time someone kissed you like that?”

Cassandra’s expression was all Jade needed; she hooked a hand into the waistband of Cass’ trousers and pulled her up against her as she leaned in and resumed the kiss.

Maybe it was half a jug of cocktails on an empty stomach, too early on in the day; or maybe there really was something extra, mixed into the drink that Jade had purloined, but Cass barely resisted - a second or two of startled stiffness; hands raised, to try and push Jade away, only to draw her into an embrace after a moment’s hesitation.

Bliss, lust and abandonment.

Jade snaked a hand, up inside Cassandra’s shirt, squeezing one of her breasts through her bra, while she pushed herself hard up against Cass, eliciting a low moan of pleasure.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” someone said, in Jade’s ear.

Startled, they broke off the kiss, Jade hurriedly removing her hand and turning to regard the person who had just spoken, as Cass gave out a mortified yelp.

To her horror, Jade found they were lit by a spotlight which was illuminating the thinly smiling cabaret compère, standing right behind her. To make matters worse, the three of them were the focus of the entire audiences attention, several members of which seemed to have been recording proceedings with their terminals.

Jade flushed bright red as the the compère gave a stiff, little bow “Claude Balls, at your service” he quirked a painted eyebrow and smirked salaciously “It would appear that the Doctor is in”

“We weren’t -” Jade tried, but she knew it was no use and a quick glance at a horrified looking Cass told her that she had realised the same.

“I think we can have fun with you” Claude sniffed delicately and wrinkled his nose “You certainly smell like you’re dirty”

The crowd whooped and cheered at this, as Claude fixed his gaze on Cass and theatrically fell to his knees in front of her “Reverend Sister” he cried “We’re all miserable sinners here, guilty of a truly horrifying range of deviancies and vile perversions; would you hear our confession today?”

“Go on” Cass croaked.

“I cannot get enough cock – I crave it constantly” Claude paused and looked thoughtful for a moment “Or pussy – I crave that too; I’m such a wretch”

Rising from the floor, he moved to a nearby table “I have it on good authority that this man here,” he put an arm around a punters shoulders “enjoys the company of his own twin sister. This woman here,” he pointed to another member of the audience as the table erupted in laughter “enjoys spanking and flogging, and just a little bit of dogging”

“And you,” he returned to hold a mic to Jade “Doctor Black – What’s your dirty little secret? Confess!”

“Uh... Nothing” Jade stammered in the expectant silence that followed.

“She strikes me as a butt plug and golden showers sort of girl” Claude winked at Cass “You lucky bitch”

“That man there:” he continued, pointing around the room with gusto, amid much laughter and cheering “Frottage; that woman’s a dreadful exhibitionist – she keeps getting caught; he likes his glory holes; so does she; daisy chaining; coprophilia; voyeurism; necrophilia; milfs; gilfs and dilfs; tentacle porn; figging; stimming, and autoplushophilia, just to name a few!”

“We are,” Claude turned back to Cass and fell to his knees once again “wicked, wicked people”

“The very worst” Cass grinned, enjoying the exuberance and energy of the show “Especially the autoplushophilia”

“We deserve to be punished!” Claude said humbly, before rising to rising to his feet, with a flourish and yelling “It’s audience participation time!”

The crowd went wild; whooping and cheering while the band struck up and Claude lunged forward to grab Cass by the wrist and pull her up, onto the stage. Waiting at the top of the stage stairs was a tall, skinny woman, dressed from head to toe in glossy black latex. Rather ominously she was holding a cat o’ nine tails in one hand.

Thankful she wasn’t in Cass’ shoes, Jade joined in with the clapping and cheering, wondering what on earth was about to happen, but her relief quickly faded as she was approached by heavily tattooed and pierced woman in just a pair of tight leather shorts.

“You don’t get off that easy” the woman grinned “Come with me”

“What?” Jade didn’t quite know where to look.

“Our wonderful Doctor Black” Claude Balls yelled from the stage “Give her a big hand!”

“I don’t...” Jade protested as the crowd went wild.

“C’mon,” the woman held out a hand “It’s not all bad”

With everyone’s eyes on her, and feeling she had little other choice, Jade reluctantly allowed herself to be guided backstage.

“Here’s your outfit” a man thrust a coat hanger of clothes into her hands as she walked through the door “Help her get into it Jenny” he said to the woman “Oil her up if you have to; she’s on in two minutes”

It’s showtime!
Jade – What’s the outfit and what’s the show?
Everyone else – what’s going on with you?
Tanaka and Jamie – What’s going on out on the Promenade?
Talon – How’s your pity-lapdance? Does your hostess have ulterior motives?

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