Jade looked on in horror as the man writhed on the ground. She instinctively reached out to help him and then stopped, caught in a karmic limbo unable to go against her better nature without a force of will. In her half stooped-over state the bar maid returning from lavishing Talon with a free drink bumped straight into her causing her to topple and land with her face in the crotch of the writhing man. She scrambled backwards, her face going the colour of beetroot.

“Oh golly. I’m so sorry.” The barmaid stammered, her voice only partially dripping with sarcasm. Jade scrunched up her face and bit her tongue to prevent the automatic ‘That’s alright’ from popping out. Instead she looked at Cass, who was trying hard not to laugh at the absurdity. ‘What would Cass do?’ She thought. It didn’t take her long to work out what her friend would have done. Jade stood up and falteringly stepped into the barmaid’s personal space.

“Watch what the fuck you are doing you stupid bitch.” She said, with as much venom as she could muster. Admittedly, it wasn’t much. The barmaid stepped back and scowling stalked off.

“That’s it, you’ll get the hang of it.” Cass laughed.

Cass lead Jade through a cluster of tables and seating to a recently vacated location close to the stage area of the club. On the way being spontaneous and needing to be bad Jade scooped up a jug of cocktail from a distracted table as they were passing and managed to clutch onto two glasses as they passed another table. When they sat down, Cass looked over impressed as Jade poured them both a glass full of the sickly sweet concoction.

“This feels so wrong.” Jade admitted, thinking about Jamie and Tanaka stuck outside possibly hurt and maybe even in dire trouble whilst she was in here… Enjoying herself? She shook her head.

“You're a goody-two shoes. This Karma reversal will get you killed unless you lighten the fuck up.” Cass said veiling the help within an insult to protect herself and downing the entire glass with a grimace. “This stuff is terrible.” She complained, even though it was actually quite nice. Jade shrugged and repeated the gesture, hoping that at least being mildly intoxicated would dull the guilt.

Over the course of the next twenty minutes, it saw her heckle one of the dancing girls on stage, Cass joining in and expertly reducing the poor girl to tears and causing her to run off stage. The request to borrow money from a male patron nearby and using that to tip one of the dancing girls, and several unnecessary comments about men having undersized genitalia. They had finished the jug of sweet syrupy alcohol and Jade was feeling rather relaxed in her new bad girl demeanour, if it was a bit silly to watch her half decent efforts. Cass had excused herself and was returning from the ladies room. Jade watched her, the way her hips sashayed as she nimble dodged the crowd. It was easy to see what Jay saw in her, and dressed with her dog collar it reminded her of that naughty nun outfit that Abbie had. Jade grinned wickedly and stood up as Cass approached. She stood directly in Cass’ way and tilted her head slightly.

“We are supposed to be being bad right?” Jade said, a slight slurr in her words. Had there been something extra in that cocktail? Probably not, she was just a lightweight.

“Yeah.” Cass said, elbowing a patron out of the way who got too close.

“Ok.” She said, and wrapped her arms around Cass, pulling her in close and allowing her hands to roam slightly more than she knew Cass would be comfortable with. Cass had time to let out a mildly alarmed protest before Jade pressed her lips to Cass’ and silenced the verger with a long passionate kiss.

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