The Joy of the Mentally Disabled

Clattering down a set of metal stairs, a pair of twitchy-looking bouncers held the doors open for them at the bottom, admitting them into the red light and pulsing music beyond.

“Man” Cass shook her head as she took in scene before them “It’s been a long time since I was in one of these places”

Talon just grinned. The day so far had been entirely worth it – How it had happened, he wasn’t entirely sure, but here he was, in the infamous Gaslamp Cabaret, with a woman on each arm. This was the stuff dreams were made of.


Talon was again surprised that Cass admitted to being in a joint such as this. What kind of clergy has a potty mouth and goes to strip joints?.... Talon then grinned as he thought, My kind of clergy. Cass was a little rough around the edges as a member of the clergy, but Talon was beginning to like her more.

Talon attempted to place his arms about the waists of the two ladies helping him inside the strip club. However, the look showing upon Cass' face as she eyed his groin made Talon wish he were wearing a cup. He settled for the two ladies taking his arms.

Inside, they were greeted by a stripper calling herself Honey Delight, to which Talon agreed, "Ai betch u r," through his still swollen lips.

"Awww!" exclaimed Honey Delight. "Aren't you two ladies nice for bringing this poor fellow to see us for special needs. It's not often we see others helping the less unfortunate."

"She thinks he's got a disability," Jade noted.

Talon attempted to take offense. "Well thee's rung!"

"Oh!" Honey directed at Joss, tweaking his cheek, "aren't you cute!"

"Now wait a fucking min..." Cass interjected before being interrupted.

"For your generosity to this poor unfortunate soul," Honey expressed, "I'm feeling generous too. I'll give him a free private lap dance."

She took Talon by the arm and led him away. He turned with a sheepish grin, as sheepish as a grin could get with swollen lips, and said to the two ladies that brought him in, "Ai lufsh yoush gurlth!"

Cass and Jade stood with their mouths agape. That is until a buff man in a speedo came and started to swing his arse in Cass' face.

Jade looked dismayed because she felt ignored. However, soon another man joined the first.

The first man turned to face Cass. "You like?" he inquired.

"I've had enough of your fucking shit!" Cass exclaimed as her knee shot forward, making connection between his legs. As the man fell to the floor, Cass realized what appeared to be a well hung man was actually a well padded man.

Meanwhile, Tanaka was having issues keeping a multitude of gnomes from dog piling upon Jaime's back. He'd remove one and toss it away, only for it to be replaced by another.

"Iris!" Tanaka shouted. "Where's all this madness coming from? Stop the madness!"

"What choice did I have for a career!" Iris demanded in madness. "My parents wanted their child to be a botanists, so my name became Iris Stem! It's like the man that loved arses so much, he had to marry a girl named Fanny! I wanted to be a tinkerer!"

"A tinker bell?" Tanaka asked.

"No!" Iris maniacally shouted with a laugh. "A tinkerer! An inventor! Someone making things that no one ever could imagine!"

Tanaka looked around at the tiny gnomes, one of them gnawing on Jaime's leg. "I think you've achieved your dream here, Iris!" Tanaka suggested. "I can't think of anyone in any universe that would've come up with these little guys!"


Does get Tanaka's logic?
Does Jamie get free?
Does Cass actually sit back and enjoy the club?
Does Jade follow Cass' lead?
And what about Talon?

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