.: A long time ago...

Belvedyr was cleaning. This was his function, after all.
Spark, the onboard computer of Stardew 7, was doing his traditional scanning and discussing with the mechanoid.

"I still don't understand. You keep saying that you've intercepted a distress signal... But I can't see anything on any display monitor..." - Belvedyr was asking, while using the vacuum cleaner from his groinal attachment to clean the command chair that was empty for millions of years - "... and I didn't agree with that also."

Spark answered with his most cynical voice - "You don't have to agree with anything. I'm simply doing it.".

"I'm the last member from the crew, so even if a butler, I outrank you!"

"No, you don't! You are just an asset, like a toaster. Or a chair."

Belvedyr took a moment and answered - "Or an onboard computer."

After a moment of silence, where only the vacuum cleaner was heard, Spark simply said - "I hate you.".

"Yeah, yeah. I can live with that. And I'm more alive than you, you should know, since you have an IQ of 6000. My brain is partially... " - but he was interrupted.

The monitor came to life, warning sounds everywhere, the Stardew 7 making a descent, and Spark started - "We arrived. Prepare to receive our guest!"

Belvedyr rushed to prepare some tea and was ready at the door, holding a tray with the teapot and some cups.
The door finally opened, but there was no one in there. Belvedyr put his head out of the spaceship, looking around. No one in there.
He gave a few steps out of the ship, already muttering - "Damn you, Spark. This place is empty. What you..." - and the door closed behind him.

Spark, in a tone of pure joy, said - "This is a colony ship. Or at least, what left from it. I'm using my inter-ship protocols and you are being reassigned. Have a good eternity, sucker." - and then, Stardew 7 flew away.

The power of its engine broke the teapot and cups, and the mechanoid stood there, only with the tray in hands - "Bloody smeghead! Come back here!!!".

But what Spark said was true, he was really reassigned. To another empty spaceship. And this one was in worst conditions... totally junk, nothing working at all.

"Well... lets start..." - and pulling his groinal attachment, he started to clean. Another empty ship.

.: Nowadays

Things in the Mess Hall were looking fine! And it only took a few years to accomplish that! Maybe in a thousand years he could make the ship shine again. Or not. Who cares anyway. The place was empty.
Every time he thought about that he remembered of his Nega-Drive. He should be extra-careful since he lost all the spare heads. They exploded.
Being such a depressive cleaner wasn't helping him in this task.
Well... time to clean another corridor. He fixed the food dispenser. He was capable to eat some kind of aliments, but he was doing it only to clean the plates after.

Moving through the corridor he started to push a few broken things, put them in place, and take notes on what he should fix later. He was doing this for a long, long time.
"Damn you, Spark. I hope you collide to an exploding star. And then this star turn to a wormhole, crushes you and keep you in suffering for eternity. And then explode again. Twice."

But he heard something at the end of that new corridor. There was someone in there, after all!

He rushed to meet whoever was there, and he stumbled in a girl, looking in need.
"Hello there! Would be possible that you sent a distress signal, let's say, two or three hundred years ago? May I offer you something to eat? A bath? Chemical castration?"

He watched the full scenario, and realized that something else was missing - "Oh, right, air. I believe that you would be more comfortable in the newly reformed Mess Hall."

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