They're Like Dead Tadpoles, Really

"Hold up, getting another message, seems it's coming from the other ship." Pickman announced.

"Tell me, how are we're able to receive messages but not send any?" Tanaka asked.

"I told you," Pickman said, "It broke in the space thingy."

"How?" Tanaka asked.

There was a pause then Pickman finally relented. "Okay so maybe I tried sending out an SOS when we were stuck in that white hole and kinda-sorta broke the button to make outgoing calls by jabbing on it too hard..."

"Pickman..." Tanaka sighed in frustration. "What's their message?"

Pickman cleared his throat: "Please do not shoot us I don't want to die... oh god... oh god I don't want to die. P.S. I have an excellent sperm count should that be relevant to your decision."

"Why would that be relevant to our decision?" O'Malley asked.

"I say it should be and we blast them out of the sky." Tanaka suggested. "No sane person would add that to their list of reasons why they should live."

"But he could be rather potent!" Pickman argued. "Surely that's something to consider."

"How is it something to consider???" Tanaka asked.

"I dunno." Pickman shrugged. "I have rather low motility so maybe I'm just envious."

"I didn't need to know that." Tanaka shook his head.

"They are rather pathetic, Pickman's swimmers, they just kinda lie there like a stoner in his parents' basement." O'Malley added.

"Why are we talking about Pickman's sperm???" Tanaka shouted. "I thought we were discussing what we're gonna do with the other ship?"

"Well we're not really gonna blast them out of the sky, right?" Pickman asked.

"No, though I am very tempted." Tanaka admitted.

"So we need to contact them!" Pickman said.

"How do we do that when we can't send a signal, you goit?"

"I have an idea!" O'Malley announced.

From the perspective of Pornsak and his ship, it was evident that the mysterious ship had powered down weapons and was approaching at a slow and steady pace. Once they were within visual range the starbug began to flash its flood lights in a seemingly random pattern.

In truth it was Morse Code and said: RADIO DEAD... NO KILL YOU... SPERM COUNT GOOD...

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