Mess Hall 2.0

Belvedyr couldn't point what was wrong with that being.

He went far away from where he was supposed to clean in order to find her, and she was acting insane.
He was trying to access his long term memory storage in order to place her under the proper classification, but was miserably failing.

He returned with some food retrieved from the dispenser. It looked fabulous to him, certainly the lady would be delighted.

He put the plate in front of her while she was muttering, talking to herself. Weird.

"Miss ?" - he called, without answer - "Miss ? " - he called again, but she looked distracted with other things. Talking to herself.

"That's it!" - He dropped the plate on the table, as high as his face, spilling part of the food. The thing resting on the plate was... wrong. It should be fish, but had two heads and was purple. The potatoes were green. It seemed that the dispenser wasn't working so fine at all.
"I brought you this delicious fish! I brought you to this piece of awesomeness, shining Mess Hall, only worse than Silicon Heaven itself, and you don't even say : Wow, that's really marvelous, its only worse than Silicon Heaven itself!".

And then he moved to the wall, pointing to a specific place in there, that looked exactly the same to the rest - "See this point? This point I will not clean. Because I don't like it. That's because I'm rebelling against things I don't like. The rest I will clean. Right now, you are like this point. I will not clean. Excuse me."

Going to the corridor, already preparing his vacuum cleaner, he stopped and turned again to Cass - "Oh, and I'm happy to inform you that I finished my classification, and you are on the group Crazy Smegger! Please call me when you finish your meal so I may clean the plates".

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