Powered Pants

The shuttle docked with a loud clang several bays over from the other vessel.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Dick asked.

"Quite sure." Smurf assured him, "The power pack we have clipped to your underpants will once activated extend the quantum field around your body to a point where you should be able to function for a short time in the vacuum of space."

"Will it be cold?"

"Very, but the quantum field should prevent it from reaching damaging levels." Pornsak looked down and shook his head, "Maybe I should just stay here and wait for help."

"It is not us that needs help sir. We are here to help."

"Right yes of course, and how will I breath."

"The earwig sir."

"Right yes the earwig." Dick grabbed the canister that contained the tiny insect and peered down at it. He thought for a moment and rummaged through his belongings. He came away several seconds later with a large coke cup and straw, he popped the earwig canister inside and fastened the lid. Taking a long draw on the straw he inhaled the eggy air and grinned. "Perfect!"

"Perfect is the not the precise word I would use to describe this situation." Smurf commented.

Dick grabbed an earpiece from the side and a hand scanner from a nearby shelf.

"Ok lets do this!"


"It is bloody freezing!" Dick complained as he crept through the empty ship. He took a long draw on his coke cup to fill his lungs with air.

"Continue down the corridor ahead and then down the steps." came the voice of Smurf over the ear piece. "And please stop trying to talk sir you are wasting air and sound does not travel in space."

"Piss off." Dick retorted, but there was no answer.

Slowly he made his way down the dark corridor and then down a stairway into what appeared to be a very clean canteen area. There he saw a nightmare vision of a slightly annoyed looking android glaring at a young woman being attacked by what appeared to be a space zombie!

Dick Pornsak screamed like a little girl!

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