Not On My Floor!

"How is this possible, sir? I spent a lot of time on that specific spot to make it shine like that, you know? Ten months, to be exact." - Belvedyr was muttering to Dick while the concern of everybody was on the impending enemy attack around them - "Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't speak to you like that... Wait, I should. Or not? I'm not sure... Oh my...." - he was now looking to the outer ward.

This was the place where he was left several years ago by Spark.

"Oh my, oh my... I know this place. Is a place that I hate so much. I think of abandonment, sadness and now, thanks to my new master in funny clothes, of vomit when I am here. Well, at least I finally found someone 100% normal, unlike the others." - Belvedyr said that looking to the undead Tanaka, giving him a nod - "I might say that you look very healthy, sir".

He was looking to all the armed figures around them now. Even if they were moving since he started his moaning, only now he could really focus on the scenario.

Looking to his new friends - "Don't worry! Stay behind me! I'm a lethal killing machine with the most sophisticated combat system. I can tear an entire army in a single... oh wait, I didn't receive the proper upgrade for that. I can't do any of this. We will all die. Too bad that you are not machines, because you could live forever in Silicon Heaven."

“Everybody down on the floor” a voice yelled over the comms channel in Trade, as a squad of heavily armed humanoids in armoured vaccsuits moved to surround them “You’re all under arrest for desecrating a Hegemony war grave”

Cass raised her hands “I surrender”

Belvedyr quickly raised his hands. Moving only his fingers, he pointed to Dick - "This one, he is the desecrator. Vomited all over my shining floor!!! Ruined years of work!!!".

He moved in front of Tanaka - "Spare this one, please. He is the only healthy of them." - and putting his hand close to his mouth, like if trying to whisper to the armed aliens but speaking practically in the same volume - "The other two are afflicted somehow, I think they are crazy also. Maybe sacrifice its OK.".

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