OOC - Here ya go

A while back when the game seemed to be kicking up into gear a little, I started documenting everything we were doing and stuff like that. It was originally in a few excel documents because, well, I like excel documents.

But now it is on a wikia for all to see. And I started documenting everything from the beginning too. Obviously, that will take a long time, but I am nearing the end of the first of 18 years of content. So there are 100 pages of stuff to read, the 100th being the page for Seymour Niples.

Somethings won't be 'up-to-date' because I am doing it as I read the old posts. So the character pages and locations might be missing information that comes later than where I am in the posts. But I'll obviously update them when I come to new information.

So if you need a refresher on recent events or are interested in exploring old ones, I hope ya like it.


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