Underground Aroma

"Did anyone bring a torch? Its darker than an elephants arsehole in here." asked Pornsak.

"I traded ours in." Thomas replied as the Dwarfers shuffled onward into the cave system.

"What did you get for it?" Jamie asked. The reply from Thomas was muffled and unintelligible.

"I didn't get that, what did you say?" Jamie asked.

"Nothing." Thomas replied.

"You got nothing for it?"

"No I mean, nothing, I didn't say anything."

"You said something." Jamie pressed, "and frankly if you did trade in our only torch I would like to know what you got for it."

"Its... personal." Thomas said in a tone that said that the matter should be now closed.

"Personal?"Jamie was incredulous, "I want to know what you traded our torch for and I you will tell me right now."

"Wont." Thomas snapped.

"You bloody well will or I..."

"Will you two cut it out." Cass growled at them, "The torch is gone, end of."

"Perhaps I could be of service." Belvedyr chimed in and suddenly the cave was lit up by twin points of light shining from the general nipple area of the robots chest. He looked rather proud of himself.

"Who ever designed you needs locking up." Dick said.

"Glluuurgla Gnuff." Tanaka agreed .

They walked on in silence for a time then. Each of them contemplating the task ahead and most of them considering the merits of running back the way they came.

"Gods what is that smell?" Thomas suddenly exclaimed.

Dick began to choke as the thick aroma of something dead and possibly regurgitated wafted in from a narrow cave entrance ahead.

"And I thought that you smelt bad Pornsak." Cass held her nose and fought down the nausea.

"I resent that." Dick replied as he began to dry retch.

"What do you bet that what ever we are looking for is in there." Jamie indicated the dark maw ahead.

"Right, who is going in there first."

"Not me." chimed in all the Dwarfers together.

"I really do not see what all the fuss is about." Belvedyr said as he simulated breathing in deeply. "Nothing a duster and a mop could not remedy I am sure."

"Then be our guest." Pornsak croaked keeping his nose firmly pinched.

"Oh well..." Belvedyr began to protest, but Cass cut in.

"Get in there or its off with your head... again."

"Really! well I never." the robot exclaimed but when Cass reached for her screwdriver he raised his hands and shuffled towards the entrance.

"I tell you, when we get back I am joining a union."

Belvedyr walked into the cave.

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