(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'Running behind'

Blue Dwarf
Security Office
Harris got back into his office and ordered at the door. "Lock!"
The door didn't do anything.
"Lock you useless piece of crap!" Harris snapped and the door finally did as it was told. Then the Major called. "Jill."
Jill appeared onscreen and Harris asked. "I want a roundup of events and make it quick I'm already late for my appointment with the council."
"Let's see, Smegg found a happy bomb, Rongsides is being threatened by Febuggure about flushing things out of an airlock and Febuggure has gone on to pester Donover about what has happened to him since he came aboard the Blue Dwarf, Steev Mackenzy was taken for a drink by Lloyd…" Jill told the Major.
"I'll have words with that girl!" Harris snarled referring to Lloyd.
"…and somehow managed to end up in Commander Cannon's cupboard and Marlene Cauty is trying to figure out how to plug in a coffee machine." Jill said. "Now lets see if I left anything out…"
"Hurry up!" Harris snapped.
"When were you last bothered about being late for an appointment?" Jill asked and with getting no answer for Harris she went on. "Oh, yes, Febuggure has put down in his log 'The captain has a rather odd dislike of holograms', most of mistaken you for the captain for some strange reason since you’re the one who hates holograms , and there was something about a time loop."
"That's it?" Harris demanded.
"Yep." Jill answered.
"Good." Harris said and then ordered at the door. "Open. Open, damn you useless piece of sh…"
Councillor Prue Simmons office
Simmons checked her watch and Harris finally arrived for his appointment.
"You're late." She commented.
"Oh, shut up!" Harris snapped.
Orbital poultry facility
The Blue Dwarf security officer Harry Dunawy was taking some time off his duties aboard the Blue Dwarf and was exploring the lower levels of the facility between processing factory and the research labs.
He just wondered about wondering where everyone was, there should be at lest one security officer manning these levels and yet there was none. That was odd.
Dunawy then noticed the shadow looming over him, funny, he didn't hear anyone approaching. At first he throught Harris had sent Jackson to track him down for not asking for the time off.
"I can…" He started as he turned around then saw it wasn't Jackson looming over him. He gulped and commented. "Ah, sh…"
Councillor Prue Simmons office
"Allen Morris." Harris told the councillor.
Simmons looked at the inkblot and asked. "Why does this make you think of Alan Morris?"
"Because I encased him from the neck down in jelly." Harris answered.
Simmons looked at the inkblot again and saw what Harris meant, it did look like a block of jelly with someone's head sticking out of the top.
"How is this meant to get me over my fear?" Harris demanded.
"I just want to get a view of your current situation." Simmons told the Major. "Let's put it this way as I don’t know who you are afraid of so I have very little to work with here."
Harris merely groaned. These sessions were going to be long, he could tell.

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