(Blue Dwarf) Damn you!

Major Frank Harris
Security Office
Blue Dwarf
Before Harris is called to the Captain's office.
"Shut up!" Harris snarled at Jill.
"What?" Jill replied. "All I said was thatÂ…"
"I don't give a damn about what you think!" Harris told her. "The ship will
not run better with you in control and as far as anyone cares you have been
"What are you saying, Darren." Jill demanded.
"You are demented!" Harris snapped.
"Oh, that's good coming from Mr 'lets encase our commanding officer in jelly'."
Jill commented.
Harris snarled, threw open a desk draw and throw in the watch and slammed it
shut over and over again.
"Problem, Major?"
Harris almost let out of his skin as only then he noticed Commander Seymore
Nipels standing in the open doorway with a bemused look on his face.
"Never heard of knocking?!" Harris snarled. "What you want, Nipels?"
"Just seeing how you were fitting in." Nipels answered.
"He isn't!" Jill shouted from within the desk draw.
"What was that?" Nipels asked.
"What was what?" Harris asked.
"Someone just said 'He isn't'?" Nipels told Harris.
Harris spun round in his chair and looked at the air vent. "That bloody rat of
the Captain's must have gotten into the air vents. Heard that loony was trying
to teach it to talk."
"But it sound like it came from your desk?" Nipels said sounding bemused.
Harris gave the Commander a look like he was mad.
"I did hear something!" Nipels told Harris.
"You did!" Jill shouted.
"There it is again!" Nipels said.
"Great, the Captain's mad and so is the First Officer." Harris muttered just
loud enough for Sipels to hear.
"You didn't hear it?!" Nipels demanded.
"Push off and stop wasting my time!" Harris snarled.
Nipels gave him another confused and then left the office peering over his
shoulder at Harris as he left and as the door slide closed Harris grabbed hold
of the draw handle and starting slamming it again.
<Oh and Onion, shit, shit , shit and even... shit!>

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