"One big sleep"

A bleary eyed Commander Niples walked into the back section of the Starbug where Kayn was playing poker with some people who looked like him.
"Who's your friends?" murmered Niples, trying to get into his hammock.
"They're me." said Kayn.
"Thats nice." said Seymour, falling asleep.
Seymour decided to check what pills he had been taking the following morning.
Kayn looked through the documents that had the away teams for the mission, and found he was stuck on board Starbug. Past experience from last night (Harris had locked him in a convieniently placed locker five times) told Kayn to be less subtle with his speaking, and he would just have to wait until the rest of the crew got back. It was at about this time Kayn realised he hadn't slept for over ninety hours - thats if you discount the time he was knocked out by the alien abduction (which he was told countless times did not happen). After getting a nice mug of cocoa he decided to have a little nap there and then
Six minutes later he woke up, and there was a nasty looking bug outside his window...Kayn went back to sleep regardless...he was too tired
OOC - Yes, Kayn did not sleep since before that asteroid incident a couple of episodes back..you can all choose what happens about that bug thing on the side of the window - i'm too tired....z.z.z.z.z.z.z.

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