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Blue Dwarf
Now, which deck was it?
Some thieving swine nicked my watch
Donover with another security officer patrolled the promenade.
People were worried with that thing straight from hell hanging not too far away from the ship and it was the waiting that was starting to get to people.
"What do you thinks going to happen?" The security officer asked Donover.
"Oh, the usually." Donover commented. "The might send over an invading party of god knows what that will either kill, suck out our emotions or eat us."
"Donover, is the cup half full or half empty?" The security officer asked.
"What cup?" Donover asked confused.
"A hypothetical cup, now is it half full or half empty?"
"But which cup is it?" Donover enquired.
"It's imaginary."
"Oh, what's in this imaginary cup?" Donover pressed on.
"Does it matter?"
"No, not really."
"Well what?"
"Half full or half empty?!"
"What were we talking about again?"
"Oh, never mind!"

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