I'm not dead......

OOC:First off let me applogise for any inconsistances bewtween this post and others that have been done. I'll try my best to get up to speed as soon as I can. Until then I'd though I'd fill in a little of Phil's background
JMC Chicken Korma
Medical Bay
601 time loops ago(see Phil's biography for more details)
Phil had just recived some news, in the short term, was very bad. Very bad indeed.
"You can't get rid of my light bee. It's bad enough you killed me once, now your'e doing it again!"
The Captain of the Chicken Korma, Jake "Pop" Addom, looked guilty.
"Look Phil I'm sorry I sent you on litter patrol. But how was I to know there was a methane cloud on that asteroid we needed to be cleared..."
"You sent me there with a smegging flamethrower you, you, git."
The captain reached into his desk and pulled out a small black object about 4 inches long and round..
Phil's eyes narrowed in suspecion. "What is that."
"The boys down in science call it a HARD-LIGHT bee. It means you'll be able to move about and act like everyone else except you'll be virtually indestructable, unless your're bee gets damaged which is unlikely. I thought you might like to test it. Theres one waiting for you in the HM suite.....Oh he's buggered off."
PHil had started to run towards the holo-managment suite at a speed that would have made a tacyon blink...

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