[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Harris "Interesting wildlife around here."

Who knows where
Twenty mintues after who knows when
Harris and Donover trekked over barren terrain, no supplies, no field rations, not even a weapon between them but for Harris' handgun loaded with blanks and no goddamn chewing gum.
Donover's humming was seriously starting to get on Harris' nerves and the Major was considering doing something every nasty to the Ensign if he didn't stop that bloody humming but at least he stopped that crawling along the ground begging. "Water, water." They only had been on this planet for twenty minutes.
"Donover!" Harris snapped. "Stop that bloody humming!"
"Sir?" Donover commented.
"And stop it with this 'Sir' crap as well!" Harris futher told the Ensign. "It is Major or just Harris!"
"Whatever you say, sir." Donover told the Major.
Harris was just about to throttle the Ensign when the ground around them began to shake.
"What the bloody hell!" Harris commented.
Suddenly a pace of land near Donover burst open and from that came a huge snake like beast slide its' way out of the ground.
"Oh shit!" Donover commented.
The beast suddenly locked its' gaze upon the Ensign and he began to shake in his ship issue boots. It let out a loud hiss and the next thing Harris knew the beast had just lunged at and swallowed whole Donover. Harris watched as halfway through swallowing the Ensign when the beast stopped, nothing for a couple of seconds and then spat the Ensign out onto the barren floor covered in a clear, sticky slime and the beast itself disappeared back down its' hole it had appeared from.
"It spat me out!" Donover commented with the air of shock. "It spat me out!"
"Can't have liked you after shave." Harris commented helping Donover to his feet, considering that course of action be a mistake trying to shake off the slime from his fingers.
"It spat me out!" Donover repeated again.
"Oh, stop it!" Harris snapped as he grabbed hold of the Donover's jacket and began to slap him around the face.
"Sorry, SirÂ…." Donover then quickly corrected. "Major."
"See any of the others while you were down there?" Harris asked.
"No." Donover answered. "But do you know what this means?"
"With that thing and maybe even nastier ones around, there is no way in hell anyone is going to risk mining this planet." Harris said. "Let find the others before someone or something decides that you look tasty again."

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