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Surface of uncharted planet
Stardate.....ahh whatever!
Captain Will Cannon, Doctor Van Threk and Commander Seymore Niples are walking through the barren landscape of the dry planet. Odd shards of metal are scattered around the desert. They come across a large scrapyard filled with remains of space vessels, equipment and other unrecognisable scrap. They walk straight into the compound.
Meanwhile, Major Harris has come across the same area but is taking a tactical survey of the area, checking for enemies before sneaking in and hiding.
In another part of the Desert, the Gelf scientist Mohak found his way back to the crashed Starbug and used his incredible knowledge and resourcefulness to make a rudimentary radio. He sent a distress call out on all frequencies (including subspace bandwidth 229.551 which is only used by Oxfam Federation battleships).
Captain Cannon looked around at the junk, something was pretty odd about it. He was sure that scraps of metal never moved by themselves.
"Oh my God!" shouted the Doctor. "What is it?"
A huge robot drew itself up to full height, which was about half-a-house higher than all three of them. Major Harris looked from his hiding place and saw the behemoth, he pulled out his gun and waited to make his move.
A huge metallic hand leaped out and grabbed the Captain by his neck, then threw him against a wall. Will could feel the metallic grip tighten around his jugular vein.
"YOU HUMAN" Spoke the robot.
Will agreed in his own cocky way, the Robot didn't seem to like this and gripped him tighter.
"THEN YOU WILL DIE" said the robot matter-of-factly.
Seymore tried to prise the Robot away, but was pushed away and was thrown 20 metres, hitting his head on a rusty motorbike.
The Doctor tried as well, but was knocked back the same as Niples.
Major Harris jumped out and immediately started shooting at the menacing robot, a blundering security officer provided a (very) wide spread of cover fire.
The Robot released the Captain and turned towards the Major.
Harris stopped dead in his tracks and turned to retreat, only to run into his security officer. The behemoth lifted a metallic arm, ready to strike the new attackers.
Suddenly, an explosion behind him causes him to stop and turn around. A shuttle flew past in the sky, dropping bombs in it's wake. As the shuttle turned, writing could be seen on its side. PROPERTY OF THE JMC BLUE DWARF.
As the shuttle passed again it scored a direct hit on the robot itself, shattering at to tiny pieces. The shuttle lands and the away team quickly clamber aboard. Sat in the co-pilots seat was Mohak, who grinned at them. He knew that they now owed him their lives for contacting Blue Dwarf and getting them to send a shuttle.
The shuttle took off and headed home- to Blue Dwarf.
<<OOC- Hey guys! This may be a little brief, but I want you all to each do this from the point of view of your own character. Please extend it and add a little humour- I know you love doing that!
Could you also extend the last bit to make it more exciting- I was tired when I wrote this, I cant think of how to add more action or comedy. I'm looking forward to some good posts!>> 
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