[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Harris "Scrap yard rumble"

Who gives a toss what time it is.
Harris and Donover found the ruins of the Starbug after following the trench it had left on its' crash landing and after a half hour of search the ruins they found no trace of their fellow crewmembers. Harris found his weapons box to find everything gone. Harris picked up a sledgehammer out of the ruins, grinning evilly and scaring the hell out of Donover.
The pair of security officers started off, following the footprints that led away from the ruined starbug.
Forty-five minutes later.
Harris and Donover stalked their ways through the scrapyard, well Harris stalked and Donover fell over a lot of things. Harris recognised the damaged and rusted parts of something, looked around to see where was Donover and lifted his watch to show Jill the weckage and asked. "What's that?"
"It's the remains of a TK 440, troop killer." Jill answered.
"Don't like the sound of that." Harris commented.
"Shouldn't." Jill told him. "They were meant to the super solider but there was a problem."
"What problem?" Harris asked.
"They couldn't be controlled and had a major hatred of humans, so they were destroyed." Jill answered. "No record of what happen to them after that."
Harris peered over the horizon and saw a fully active TK holding the Captain by the throat, he pulled free his gun and noticing Donover doing the same, how long had he had that.
"YOU HUMAN." The TK demanded.
Captain Cannon replyng in that cocky manner that was going to get himn killed some day.
"THEN YOU WILL DIE." The mental giant said.
"Cover me!" Harris ordered Donover. Then the Major leapt over the ledge he was pearched at and charge towards the TK, firing at the robot.
"Oh, shit!" Harris muttered just then remembering he wasn't carrying live ammo.
Donover began to fire and the shots that hit, very few as it was, just rebound off the metal skin of the TK. The robot dropped the Captain and he scuttled behind Harris as the Major lifted the hammer above his head in both hands cried out a battle cry and charge forward, leaving behind a very scared captain wondering exactly how mad Harris was.
Harris leapt aside the huge metal fist that flew towards him and slammed the hammer's head into the robot's knee, knocking it down onto one knee and Harris felt like ever bone in his bone was shaking. Man, they made these things tough.
Harris leapt back as the TK tried to step on his as if was a bug and this time belted the hammer into the front of the robot's knee, only to shatter the hammer's head and Harris commented. "Ah, shit!"
And again Harris leapt back as the TK tried to crush him underfoot again.
Meat suddenly appeared and tried the same course of action as Harris tried with a piece of piping, the pipe shattered and the TK grabbed Meat and threw him up high into the air, so high in fact that the Harris and the others lost sight of him.
Harris decided to retreat as the robot bared down upon him and only managed to run into Donover who had decided to moved at the wrong time to the wrong place.
The TK raised its' foot and was about to crush the two security officers when it suddenly exploded, causing a shower of small bits of metal to fly about.
Harris looked up and saw a starbug hovering in the air. Then there came the sound of Ned Meat's screaming on the way down, he hit the ground hard and left his body shape in ground.
The senior officers peered down the hole and Captain Cannon asked. "Are you OK down there?"
The others stared at the Captain.

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