[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Harris 'Matters arising'

Blue Dwarf
Security office
1800 hours
Harris sat drumming his fingers on the desk. He had sent his report to high command at 1400 hours and the Blue Dwarf wasn't that far away to create a lag this long. He remembered once trying to have a conversation with someone over a link with a twenty-second lag, annoying as hell!
Harris knew it was going to worse, soon the ship will be beyond any relay station and they lose their contact with high command altogether. Oh god! Captain Cannon would be the representative of high command.
Harris looked at the watch resting on the desk, Jill was just happily humming to herself, driving him out of his mostly insane mind.
There came a bleep and on screen the banner of high command. The banner disappeared and was replaced with the image of Colonel Green. "Major Harris." Green started. "Command has no knowledge of any orders to survey the planet on which you found the TK 440s. However, the matter is being looked at from our end and we suggest that you do the same. Colonel Green out."
The image of the banner replaced Green's image with the words 'have a nice day' under it. God, how he hated those words. Great, someone who knows how to fake orders to appear they came from the JMC sent them down to a planet where the remains of the TKs were being kept, mostly likely knowing that the Captain would pick most the senior staff as the away team. Maybe some poor sod that was stuck under the command of Cannon on his pervious three commands.
Harris quickly swept Jill to the desk draw as someone knocked on the door.
"What?!" Harris snapped.
The door opened and ensign 'Tiny' Jackson entered the office. The ensign was seven foot tall and built with a bomb settler. Unlike Donover or the late Meat, Jackson didn't attract trouble, it ran away from him scream like a baby. He had the highest IQ of every security officers aboard the ship, including Harris himself and what really scared him about Jackson that the ensign look up to him and even held him as a role model.
Harris had an entire legion of security officers, ranging from different skin colours, religious beliefs, sexes and metal states, even one with a death wise. But he didn't care anything about those factors, although there is one that doesn't believe in violence that really got no his nerves.
"Yes Jackson?" Harris asked.
"Major Harris, sir." Jackson started. "I'm to report during you absence there have been five arrests, the OAP you brought in yesterday, two trying to steal from the vending machine, another caught breaking to the beer supplies and someone stole the Captain's rubber duck."
Harris mouthed the words, ' stole the Captain's rubber duck'. Who would what to do that and why? Hold it to random maybe?
"Also in the lower desks I have seen the Captain's ratÂ…" Jackson paused for a moment. "Major Harris, sir. Have you seen those tapes of Hitler giving a speech to huge crowds of people?"
"Yes." Harris answered. "Why?"
"It was like that Major Harris, sir." Jackson explained. "Only with rats."
"Anything else?" Harris enquired.
"Faith Garrison is still complaining that we haven't caught the worker responsible for her death." Jackson told the Major.
"Go tell the digital ghost that we are still investigating the matter." Harris told Jackson.
"Yes Major Harris, sir." Jackson answered, saluted and then disappeared through the doorway.

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