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Day four
Blue Dwarf in orbit of uncharted planet
Conference room
1045 hours
"... and this conludes the meeting unless anyone else has anything to add." Nipels said.
"I do." Harris said.
"Major Harris." Nipels said.
"To recap on what happened yesterday, first the Clarkson Brethren plant a device in the engines
of the Starbug the senior staff would take down to the surface of the planet. Then the Starbug
was shot down and crash landed on the planet which was the resting place of the discontinued TK
440 series." Harris said. "Anyone see a link here?"
"No." Captain Cannon answered.
"Twit." Harris commented. "I don't believe everything that happened was the work of the
Clarkson Brethren, someone had to be helping them."
"Who?" Van Threk asked.
"As yet unknown." Harris commented. "Someone who knows him well enough to know that he would
be going down to the planet's surface and knows how to forge a message from Command. At the
moment I am guessing that it could be members of the three crews that was once under Cannon's
"What do you surgguest?" Nipels asked.
"Run background checks on all the crew." Harris answered and there came groaning from the
senior staff. "And that Clarkson nutter that set that device may still be aboard so we have
to keep an eye out for that nutter."
"I agree with the Major." Nipels commented. "As long as ship could be danger..."
"Remove the captain then." Someone commented.
"..we have to do everything possible to catch the Clarkson and find out who shot down the
Starbug." Nipels continued, taking no notice of the comment and seemed teary eyed when
speaking about the Starbug.
"Cannon a word." Harris said to the captain.
When the others had left the Captain was just about to ask the Major what he whated when Harris
leapt in.
"Section twelve paragraph B part two:- no captain shall directly endanger the lives of the ship
or crew in any way." Harris started. "Should the chief of security feel this is so that officer
can remove the captain from command."
"What are you saying Major?" Cannon asked.
"You endangered the lives of most of the senior staff and yourself in the first away mission of
this ship." Harris replied. "If this was to happen again I will have to invoke section twelve
paragraph B part two and put someone capable in command!" Harris told the Captain.
"Are you trying to start a mutiny?!" Cannon said trying to sound his most commanding.
"No." Harris answered. "I'm just trying to keep the crew alive and the ship in one piece."
Medi Bay
1230 hours
"Don't see why I have to go through this, only had a medal last week." Ensign Donover moaned.
"But only yesterday you were down the throat of some animal we know nothing about." Doctor Van
Threk told the moaning security officer. "Who knows what you were exposed to down there."
"I have a bloody good idea to what I was exposed to!" Donover snapped.
"We don't want you spreading any deadly viruses around the ship." Van Threk told the security
"Deadly viruses?!" Donover commented.
Flight desk
1300 hours
Commander Nipels watched as the workers were assembling a starbug from the spare parts they
were carrying. The ship was carrying enough spare parts that they could assembling ten more
starbugs and twenty more blue midgets. It was only because of budget cuts they weren't
assembled in the first place.
Lieutenant Box came up to the Commander and told him. "The ship should be ready for a test
flight in twenty two hours."
The Commander's mood picked up.
Deck 38 Subsection 124 Alpha
Hologram Main Terminal and Data Core
1311 hours
"I'm not happy about this!" Garrison commented referring to the fact that some bastard had
messed around with the hologramic projection systems and now she was in greyscale.
The workers that Garrison continued to poke around in the open panel while they listrened to
the hologram.
"I'm not even meant to be here." Garrison snapped and then commented as she began to turn from
red to green to blue. "Bloody hell!"
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