A new crewmember

NAME: Jason Smegg
RANK: Lieutenant
ASSIGNMENT: JMC Heavy Mining Transport Blue Dwarf (DwarfStar Class)
POSITION: Chief of Engineering
AGE: 19
BIRTHPLACE: San Jose, California, USA, Earth
HEIGHT: 6'1" (but he says he's 5'11")
WEIGHT: 220 lbs (but he says he's 240)
TIME IN SERVICE: 0 years 0 months 0 days
HISTORY: Jason is the only son of middle-class couple Charles and Lorrie
Smegg. From a very early age, he demonstrated both an aptitude and a
fondness for computers and other electronic equipment. At the age of
four, he rewired his father's PC speakers to make them as powerful as a
gigamatrix emitter. (The speakers exploded soon after.) At the age of
nine he designed an ethernet browser in Visual CocoScript 8. At fifteen,
while visiting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to apply for
early admission, he noticed a plasma leak in the chaotic fusion research
lab and saved the entire northeastern United States and Quebec from
nuclear annihilation, also suggesting a modification that improved the
experimental reactor's efficiency by 20%.
However, Jason's early life was not all heroism. Due to his love of
computers, he became a rabid video game player. His grades in school
suffered when he brought an optical implant game computer to world
history, his least favorite class. He also gained weight from lack of
participation in activities. As a defense mechanism he became proud of
his overweight, and is currently the only known human being to exaggerate
his weight upward and height downward. He also found trouble starting
relationships with females, which only reinforced his holosimulator
Jason enrolled in the Space Corps Acacdemy at the age of 17, becoming the
923rd minor to do so. He immediately found resentment directed toward him
because of his last name, which sounds exactly like a slang word commonly
used among Space Corps members. This further reinforced his holosimulator
habit. His two years in the accelerated program were uneventful, save for
preventing several deadly antimatter leaks from taking place in training
shuttlecraft. He graduated just last month and requested an assignment on
the EUT exploratory ship Intrepid, hoping to, as he put it, "explore
strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations", but was
assigned instead to the Blue Dwarf by Admiral Q. Patrick Mahoney, who
said, in a typical bureaucratic fashion, "A genius like Lieutenant Smegg
should be put to use where he is most valuable - namely, a dull mining
ship which moves rocks from one planet to another day after day, week
after week, with no use for any creative minds aboard." Little did he
know that, after the Blue Dwarf's new assignment, he was on the adventure
of a lifetime...
HOBBIES: Hacking into the ship's computer, holosimulators, ancient
20th-21st century video games, eating junk food
Thought of the day:
If you could see ultraviolet, what color would it be?
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