When Holos go bad.

Holo Core 1630
It wasn't enough that this ship was run by a bunch of empty juice boxes, but
now they were messing with her very existence. Fortunately, she still had
one weapon at her disposal.
Faith lay in wait, watching his progress. The Junior Engineer hunched over
the console. She let her orders slip like sweet nothings. He couldn't have
been more than 16, barely a trainee, and easily manipulated. He couldn't
have none that despite a serious fluke in her program, she was completely
unable to perform the physical stuff she had promised him when he'd
finished. But that was hardly common knowledge. Maybe perhaps after he'd
finished reconfiguring the protocols, she'd be able to fix this nagging
A cool wave passed over her as the final circuit fell into place. She smiled
gently at the mere boy. Smiling invitingly as she lead him deeper into the
ship, cooing him on.
Stasis 1645
She couldn't believe how easy it was. She leaned against the metal tube,
peering in the thick synthetic window. He was sleeping soundly, and no one
would be the wiser.
Holo Core 1650
It was time to change. She began with her hair, making it longer, then short
again, giggling to herself at her newfound power to make changes to
herself...her...program. The word burned distastefully on her lips. She was
wasting time, she would have plenty of time to alter her clothing later.
Even her body, she realized, could be altered. She moved into an access
duct, not bothering to open the panel and made her way briskly up the
network of ducts.
Life Support Control 1700
This was too easy. She made quick work of the interface, making the holo
core and all adjoining systems completely inhospitable. This gave her
complete control over the holo core, life support, stasis, power control and
a half dozen other systems. If they were going to trap her on this damn
ship, she was going to live her way. And there was not a damn thing they
could do about it.
Holo Core 1705
She returned to what she had now come to see as her home. She took the
holo-sims offline to make the necessary changes to her appearance. Slipint
into a slinky pearl white suit and getting rid of that damn H on her
forehead, after all. It was itchy.
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