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OOC- We're getting into a bit of a mix up here about computers. The main Blue Dwarf computer is Holly (but no-one knows if she is male or female, we should probably have a vote on this- or an arm wrestle)
Major Harris has his own personal "assistant" (or "pest" as he would probably say) This is Jilly, the phsychotic computer that tells Harris to do bad things. Everyone thinks that he's talking to voices in his head however!
And now our new crewmember Jason Smegg has invented a new one! (Colleen) It's fine if you want to keep your own computers and give them each different personallities- but lets try not to get too complicated!
Cmdr Seymore Niples

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    It would appear the the computer has become more advanced since theoriginal show. Instead of having one voice and personality, it would appearto have many guises that it slips into to make it's usage that much morecomforting for the deep-space crew members. This would explain why everycrew member has a different 'computer' to talk to.    In addition, regarding my character: The only personnel dossieravailable to the crew would be the security pass that was found on her body.Since she was never actually intended to be a member of the crew, you won'tfind her in the database. If you're really interested is where it is.(I've also got a medical pass mocked up in addition the the engineering kindif anyone wants one)+----------------------------------------------+|     ____                                     ||    / __ \_________ _____ _____  ____  ____   ||   / / / / ___/ __ `/ __ `/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \  ||  / /_/ / /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /  || /_____/_/   \__,_/\__, /\____/\____/_/ /_/   ||                  /____/    ||                                              |+----------------------------------------------+
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