[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Harris 'One hell of a bad day'

Blue Dwarf
Security office
2000 hours
"Holly." Harris called. But instead of Holly's face appearing on the screen it was a different female face that appeared and the Major commented. "Who are you?"
"Colleen." The female head answered. "I am the backup computer should Holly ever go offline."
"Colleen." Harris started. "Have you finished the background checks that Holly started."
"Yes Major Harris." Colleen stated. "None of the security staff have been under Captain Cannon's command before but there is a short list of three possible subjects that can be counted as security risks."
"Who." Harris asked.
"Private Death Wish, classed as a unstable lunatic that could go on a killing spree at any minute." Colleen answered. "Private Penny 'Havoc' Lloyd, heavy explosives expect fired from the military for loving her job too much."
"And I have to command the pair of 'em." Harris groaned. He had the misfortune to meet Lloyd when he first came aboard and quickly became sick of her calling everyone, no matter of rank, Gov. "Who's the third?"
"The third is classed as unstable and has a history of malicious acts against fellow crewmembers." Colleen told the Major.
"Colleen." Harris said.
"Yes, Major." She said.
"Get out my personal file!" Harris snapped.
"Major, there's a message coming through from the drive room." Colleen informed the Major.
"Put it on." Harris ordered.
The image of Colleen was replaced with Commander Nipels'.
"What is it?" Harris enquired.
"The Clarkson Brethren have sent a coded message sent to someone on the ship." The commander explained. "There's going to be another bombing attempt!"
"Where?" Harris demanded.
"The promenade and drive plates, it took us so long to decode the messages the explosives are bound to in place by know." Nipels answered.
"Colleen, track down security officers Donover, Jackson and Lloyd. Inform them of the situation." Harris ordered. "Tell Jackson and Lloyd to report to the engineering and Donover to report to the promenade!"
"Yes, Major." Colleen answered.
"Major." Nipels said. "Before we detected this message a robot from the Brethren tried to kill me!"
"I'll deal with that after this bomb issue is sorted." Harris told the Commander.
2115 hours
Harris looked round the sealed off promenade, not a person or scutter was in sight. Then he noticed Donover trying to hide behind a bin.
"Donover!" Harris snarled.
"Coming, Major." Donover replied sounding like a child being dragged to dentist to have a tooth removed.
Harris and Donover slowly approached the abandoned shop where the Major had been informed a explosive device had been found.
"Major, I just remembered I've left the iron on." Donover commented as he tried to back away.
Harris grabbed the Ensign by the back of his shirt and pushed him towards the shop. Then he snarled. "Move it!"
The two entered the shop and found the device hidden under the till, it was just as large as the one discovered on the Starbug.
"Think one of the staff members of this shop planted this?" Donover enquired.
"Donover." Harris said quietly.
"Yes, Major." Donover replied.
"Stop that bloody shaking!" Harris snapped.
Donover hadn't noticed that he was shaking until Harris had told him to stop it.
Carefully the two removed the outer casing.
Donover leapt up into the air with utter fright.
Harris knew where the 'Boom' had come from. The Major snarled. "Lloyd!"
"Sorry, Gov." Came over the com. "Couldn't resist it."
"You better have something to report or you're peeling spuds for eight weeks!" Harris snarled.
"The device planted near the drive plates was like the one planted on the Starbug, harmless." Lloyd explained.
"Lloyd, get over to the promenade now!" Harris ordered. "Ours isn't!" Harris said as he looked at the contents of the casing and he knew what a bomb that was meant to explode.
"What does the timer say?" Lloyd asked.
"Six minutes." Donover answered.
"Get out of there now!" Lloyd yelled over the com. "Ours went off when the timer reached five minutes!"
"Shit!" Harris snarled as he and the Ensign raced for the doorway.
Then there was a deafening roar, a intense heat hit the two security officers and then a strong force lifted the two from their feet and threw them out of the shop through the glass windows and straight into the wall opposite the shop burnt out remains of the shop.
The last thing Harris remembered was the smell of burning, his left arm was screaming to his brain bloody murder, he felt blood dripping down the side of his face and then it went all black.
Security office
2020 hours
Jill was just humming to herself. Harris had let her out of the watch for tens minutes he did every day, it was the time he let her expect when he wanted her to do some low-key investigating. They're days that she felt like his pet, when sirens rang out.
"What the?" She commented.
The next thing she knew was that she only had half a screen to herself and the other was taken up by the face of a man that seemed familiar.
"Who are you?" Jill demanded to know.
"Someone who what's to discus something with you." He commented.

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