Cmdr Niples "Passing the holosimulator"

Cmdr Seymore Niples
JMC Blue Dwarf
Commander Niples was walking past the holosimulators on deck 5 when he saw that the computer consoles outside were showing something odd. The heat readings were going through the roof!
He looked inside and saw a figure using the holosimulator dressed in the usual black sensory bodysuit, but what he was doing was most unusual- the commander was used to seing people doing some pretty odd things in the simulator, but this was taking the piss.
The young man, who he recognised as Lt. Smegg was running really fast on the spot, he was also jumping about and nearly doing backflips in the air. Whatever simulation he was playing it was very fast, and it was nearly wearing the computer out. The lights dimmed as Smegg ran faster.
Niples went down to the engineering deck to call out a man to repair the damage when Smegg had finished.
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