Who turned up the heat?

[Reply: Smegg and Harris]
Holo Core 1100
Faith woke up from her catnap atop the control console which dominated the
center of the room. She shivered a bit, although she knew she couldn't
literally FEEL cold, she still knew that it was much below zero in there.
She stretched leisurely down the console, dropping her long shapely legs to
the floor. She had done some more modifications to her..er..program. She
stretched again, arms folded over her head. She felt that burning deep in
her abdomen again, she almost wished it would go away.
Faith blinked once...twice...
Something was wrong. Damn him. Her computer driven psyche knew what was
going on. That smartass engineer had been accessing the computer remotely.
He even had the nerve to turn back on the Holo Sims. Maybe that's why she
was feeling so drained. This would have to stop.
Feeling a twinge, as she blinked again. A visible arc of light ebbed from
the terminal and buried itself in the base of her neck. That little display
was pointless, she thought and smiled. A waste of memory but she did so
adore special effects. She flipped mentally through the logs, and summoned
up the schematics for the brig with locator beacons overlaid upon it. This
too appeared in the room.
She loved remote access. Flipping through her direct connection to the
computer, she made her way into the voice recognition controls, care of
Major Harris.
Brig, Presently
The force field flashed back on, trapping Smegg and Harris within Cell 1.
This was too easy. The brigs were made to keep people in, and now, no one
could get them out. Faith laughed aloud.
Back in the Holo Core
This was too easy, she thought again, smiling warmly. Next was to sabotage
the remote emitter. The fact that Lt. Smegg had made it so easily into the
mainframe bothered her. She shut it down remotely, and turned off the arc of
light which flowed back into the console. This was making her tired. No one
realized that the Holo Sims used up HER energy. Maybe she ought to make that
area uninhabitable... later...
She slinked back onto the console, sliding smoothly on her stomach and
nestling her dark hair onto her arms...drifting back to sleep...
Somewhere Outside the Holo Core
A screen flickered on, displaying a man with a wild look in his eyes.
He closed his eyes for a moment, and the screen went dark.
The screen adjacent to the one that just went off lit up with the same face.
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