[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] **Action**

Deck 5
Virtual-Reality machines
1240 hours
Jackson entered the VR chamber to see Commander Nipels heavily involved in his VR simulation. The security officer made his way over to the control panel, he entered his security code and the screen on the controls displayed what the Commander was seeing, only Nipels would use his VR time to simulate flying a spacecraft. Others would use the VR simulator for 'you know'.
Jackson pulled out a disk from his pocket that Harris had given him should he need to bring someone out of VR quickly. He had no idea what was on the disk but he just slotted it into the control panel and typed in the run command.
Nipels suddenly screamed and pulled off the VR helmet. He looked at the security officer and asked. "Harris?"
"Sir?" Jackson enquired not really understanding.
"That was Harris' doing." Nipels said.
"He said I should use it if I needed to get someone out of VR quickly, sir." Jackson answered.
"What do you want?" Nipels asked.
"There's an incoming 'Black Channel' transmission for you or the Captain, sir." Jackson explained.
"Give me five minutes." Nipels told the tall security officer.
Drive deck
1300 Hours
Commander Nipels and Ensign Jackson entered the drive room and the Commander ordered. "Put this message through."
The image of rough looking man appeared on screen and the Commander demanded. "Who are you and what do you want?"
"Who I am, Bob is the name." The man answered. "And what I want is you and the Captain of this ship!"
"Now Commander, are you going to hand yourself and the Captain or are we going to have to do this the hard way?!" Bob demanded.
"And what if we don't?" Nipels asked calmly.
"Then I will be forced to take command of your ship by any means possible." Bob explained. "And trust me gentlemen as I wish it to the hard as it is a hell of a lot more fun. You have one Earth hour to decide you fate, gentlemen!"
As soon as the image of Bob disappeared Nipels ordered. "Track that signal, find out where it came from!"
Deck thirteen
Cell one
"You listen to me, Laddy!" Harris snapped having heard Smeggs lamb excuse for hacking to the mainframe. "You breathe one word about Jill to another soul on this ship and I will make your HELL!"
Lt. Smegg swallowed hard and said. "Yes, sir."
Major Harris has starting to consider that leaving the medic bay was a bad idea as his ribs and broken arm was giving him hell. But there was no way they were going to give him drug, no more smegging drugs ever! It was those drugs they give him after flushing his holographic roommate down the toilet on his first assignment that ruined his memory as he couldn't remember much before his first assignment but for his name and what he needed to know to do his job.
Suddenly sirens began to ring out. Holly appeared on screen and said. "This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill! This is a drill." There came the sound of a dentist drill that set Harris' teeth on edge. "Possible invasion of the ship in less then one hour, all hands to report to their posts. I repeat this is not a drill!"
"Great!" Harris muttered as he struggled to his feet. "Jill!"
The image of Jill appeared on screen and she asked. "Yes, Darren."
"I need four hunter/killer viruses. Program them to find that new peronity and destroy it." Harris told Jill.
"Sure thing, Dave." Jill responded.
"And Jill." Harris added. "I don't want any sloppy work like last time!"
"It wasn't my fault the system crashed!" Jill told the Major.
Harris just shook his head and started on his way towards the Drive room. He tapped in the code to drop the force field but it didn't, it remained in place. He turned to the Lt. and snarled. "Smegg!"
"I didn't do anything!" The Lt. quicky responded.
Oh great, Harris throught, he was know trapped in this cell with that snot of a chief engineer.
(Alright people and I mean everyone! Write what everyone is doing while this madness is taking place and the chaos that is enquire to happen while in that one hour waiting period. Make it as strange and exciting as you want (Lt. Smegg, you were clearly going somewhere with Psycho Bob and I want to hear more), but leave the identify of Bob to me, but most of all, send in those posts!)

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