Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Is it hot in here? - oops

There's a little boo boo in the second paragraph. The sentence should be
"She wasn't the Systems Specialist for nothing." She IS the Systems
Specialist. Hope that clears up any confusion.
Holo Core 1100
Faith's eyes fluttered open. Something was wrong. These pesky little
had a way of disturbing her catnaps. And the way she was going, she
needed them. Alarms were sounding. This was worse than she thought.
Thinking quickly, she began to isolate herself even more. She wasn't the
** Systems Specialist (for nothing). Crewmen may have been trained to
operate the computers, a few
may have even
know a little about how they work. But she had a
more...intimate knowledge of how things worked. Hell, she designed and
installed most of it
herself before takeoff.

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