ACTION "Invasion"

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"INVASION" by Niples and Harris
Blue DwarfDrive room1200 hours"Commander Nipels." A crewman called. "Detecting a vessel leaving orbit of the planet's moon.""Heading?" Nipels asked."Intercept course." The crewman answered."Put it on screen." Harris ordered. The image of the spacecraft appeared on screen and Harris commented. "Black Nova, Interceptor class Cruiser.""You know that ship." Nipels asked."Served on it for two years." Harris answered. "Two days after the captain got rid of me the Black Nova it was hijacked.""They are launching two boarding craft!" The crewman reported.
Niples put his hand on the shoulder of the woman sat at the communications console and shouted into her microphone. "All our defending fighters attack the boarding crafts- now!"
The few Blue Midgets that had been equipped with weapons to defend the ship sped off towards the attacking ship. They Exploded in a shower of cheap special effects as they were shot at and destoyed."Major Harris to all security teams, incoming boarding craft, secure all flight bays!" Harris ordered over the Com.
Flight deck 02The security officers stood ready with weapons primed as the bay doors slowly began to slide open. Suddenly a pair of canisters were thrown through the gap in-between the doors and as they hit the ground the canister expelled a gaseous cloud that engulfed the officers. After a few moments the officers were rolling about the floor laughing.Bob the mercenary and the rest of the boarding party, twelve of those robots and goons marched into the bay with weapons held high. Nester, an evil-minded psycho that was his right-hand man, commanded the second boarding party that was to board elsewhere, the plan was that the two board parties would enter the ship at two different points and make their way to the Drive room.Bob and the goons wore breathing masks and behind his, Bob grinned at the sight of the security officers. Bob waved forward and before he had any chance to move those damn robots flew into the back of his head and continued on their way not even noticing what they had done. Then next thing he knew he had been trampled by the goons that had charged forward. He just lay on the floor for a moment and wondered why, why was this happening to him.Bob got up and started after the boarding force.

Drive Room1215 hours"We have an intruder alert on flight deck 02." A crewman reported."Lloyd, got a spare clip?" Harris enquired."Yea, Gov." Lloyd answered, holding the ammo clip out. "Why?"Harris snatched the clip from Lloyd's hand and loaded it into his gun. He then commented. "I don't want to firing blanks. Stay with Nipels!" Harris ordered as he left the Drive room.
A few minutes after he had left, Niples paced the room nervously. "We’ve got innocent civilians down there, I can’t just stay here." He walked over to a cabinet on one side of the drive room and opened it. Inside was a row of guns. He took them all out and gave one to everyone in the drive room. Taking as much he could carry for himself.
He grabbed a microphone headset do he could talk with Harris’ security group and also with the drive room.
"If you need me, call me on these" he said to the communications officer. Just before he left he turned and said "If the captain comes out of his office and starts giving you stupid orders, ignore him. That’s an order!"Engineer deck1231 hoursSecurity officer Lenny (better known as Len) Ming, who because of his luck had earned himself the nickname of lemming, watched as the engineering crewmen and women performed their duties despite the invasion that was taking place. The other security staff patrolled the engineering decks as Harris had assigned them to.He waited until there was no one around and he leant over the control panel and spoke quietly. "Bob."Psycho Bob the computer program appeared on screen looking very pissed off and he demanded. "What?!""Do you have control of the ship's systems?" Lenny asked."What do you bloody expect?!" PB snarled. "I have four viruses that have been sent to track me down like an animal and then destroy me and I can't stay in one place for too long so I can't gain access to most of the ship's systems!""I'll run the anti-virus software, that should deal with the viruses." Lenny told Psycho Bob."Good!" Psycho Bob snapped before he disappeared.
Flight deck 041226 hoursNester looked through the enforced plastic of his breathing mask at the security officers that were rolling around on the floor uncontrollably. The laughing gas was less time consuming but it did take the fun out of things. He signalled to the twenty-four robots and goons to follow.The boarding party moved out of the Flight deck into the corridor.
Engineering Control room
1230 hours
A small group of goons stormed into the Engineering control room, sending the robots in first to make sure there was no danger. The room was empty, apart from computer controls which took up a lot of space on three of the walls, the other wall was dominated by a large window looking out into space. The invaders started accessing the computer controls, from here they could run the entire ship and lock controls out from the Drive room- they could even turn off life support everywhere else on the ship apart from this room.
The door closed behind them.
The lights turned off, plunging the room into darkness. The only light came from the stars outside.
One man ran to the door and tried to open it, the huge metal door was closed tightly and wouldn’t budge.
There was silence in the room as the attackers glanced at each other nervously.
A figure dropped silently to the floor from a ventilation shaft above, the figure being silhouetted by the large window behind her. It was Faith Garrison, she was wearing a long black coat which made her look mysterious and dangerous and carried a large blaster in one hand.
She smiled challengingly at the goons.
One man plucked up courage and approached her. Without hardly moving, the shadowy figure of Garrison had picked him off his feet and threw him back into the crowd. Her hard-light form was extremely powerful and gave her a strength much greater than the average man. Everyone else stood frozen with fear.
Garrison flashed a wicked grin and quickly turned around, levelling her weapon towards the window, there were alarmed cries from the goons- but it was too late.
The window shattered and the air was sucked out of the room, followed by the attackers who flew into space. Some of them took huge lungfulls of air and exploded as they flew into the vacuum of space.
The room was empty once again and Faith Garrison stood there, firmly and proudly.
JMC Blue Dwarf Leisure and fitness facility
1245 hours
Commander Niples had managed to round up most of the civillians onboard and taken them to the ship’s sports centre. He thought this would probably be the safest place for them, most of them were taking refuge in the changing rooms and tennis courts.
As Seymore walked away from the leisure facility he saw Lt. Jason Smegg running with some kind of plant in his hand, every so often he turned around and used his plant to dispose of some pursuing robots.
Smegg saw him and shouted "There’s too many!"
"In here" shouted back the commander and dragged the chief engineer into the pool room. The floating robots followed them.
Niples grabbed two tennis raquets from the sports cupboard and tossed one to Smegg. Together they hit the robots into the swimming pool where they fizzled with electricity and exploded.
C Deck1249 hoursHarris drew his gun on the mercenary and the mercenary did the same. Harris couldn't help but have this very strong feeling that this guy was somehow familiar."Long time, no see, Frank." The mercenary commented."Do I know you?!" Harris demanded."Don't tell me you can't remember you own brother?!" Bob asked sounding hurt."Bobbie." Harris said sounding unsure.Bob nodded and answered. "I'm a Harris alright, complete with the madness that comes with being one."The two continued their stand-off with weapons drawn on each other."I never could shoot my own brother." Bob said."But to me you are nothing more then a mercenary, not a brother!" Harris snarled. "So there is nothing."Everything went black for Harris and Bob looked at the goon that was holding a broken wooden plank, where the hell did he get that?"Did I do well, Boss?" The goon asked."Yes you did." Bob answered."Havoc two to Havoc one." Came over the com device Bob wore on his belt."What is it Nester?!" Bob snapped."Ran into a vit of trouvle, voss." Nester replied over the com. Bob had long since gotten used to the fact that Nester always said his B's as V's but there were still times it could get confusing."What kind of trouble?" Bob snarled."I've lost the rovots and goons." Nester answered. "And I'm lost myself.""WHAT?!" Bob nearly shouted."We were amvushed and vecame seprated." Nester explained."NESTER!" Bob snarled."I've never veen on a mining ship vefore." Nester told Bob."Nester, where's that A-Z map of mining ships I supplied to everyone?" Bob asked."I left it on of the ship." Nester answered quietly."Do you know your way to engineering?" Bob asked."That I know, voss." Nester replied."Good, I'll meet you there." Bob told Nester.<<To be continued…>>

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