Cmdr Nipels - "Captain's log"

<<I'm passing this on since Onion is away>>
Captains log....Wednesday. About 5 o' clock...ish.
We had a bit of trouble this week, but I managed to get everything sorted out.
I'm off to MacDonalds now.
Cannon out.
First officers log. 26.7.2100
We prepared for battle this week as the ship was invaded by a mercinary known as Bob, apparently he was a relation of Major Harris'.
I evacuated the civillians onboard into the recreational deck and the leisure facility.
They used a computer virus or program called "Psycho Bob" to take over the ships computers, but we managed to get control back for reasons unknown.
The Blue Dwarf's self destruct bomb was mysteriously removed and coincidently taken to the ship that the mercinaries arrived on. Some say that it was some 'rats' who were responsible, but I dont believe such nonsense.
Bob's mothership has now been destroyed, assumingly blown up by the bomb triggered by Bob himself. Bob and his sidekick Nester were last seen escaping in a small shuttle, we couldn't catch up with them so we dont know where they have now gone to.
We have only sustained a small amount of damage and our repairs crew feel they can fix it themselves.
We will be continuing our mission as soon as possible.
The fisrt shop to re-open on the promenade today was the MacDonalds, so I have invited all of the senior staff to have a celebratory party there.
Niples out.

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