[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Harris 'Security and personal Log'

Weekly Security log
Week one aboard the mining ship Blue Dwarf.
To round off events of the weeks
Day three - The senior staff were almost killed investigating an uncharted planet that resulted in the destruction of a starbug and the death of Ensign Ned Meat. Recommendation for Ned Meat to be awarded the medal of bravery see included file 48642A#.
Day four - A traitor aboard the ship planted two explosive devices, on one the drive plates that was a decay, and the second in the promenade which was real and exploded causing damage to the promenade and injuring Major Frank Harris and Ensign Robert Donover. During this time a virus or whatever by the name of 'Psycho Bob' was downloaded into the ship's mainframe. Traitor is still yet to be found.
Day five - The Blue Dwarf was invaded by a mercenary by the name of Bob Harris. Damage to the ship was minimal but for the loose of a number Blue Midgets and their pilots. The invasion was stopped and Bob and another mercenary escaped in one of the boarding craft they arrived in.
A number of strange rumours state that 'Psycho Bob' was destroyed by the ship's rats and the ship's self-destruct explosive device was removed. There is a possibility that the explosive device was placed aboard one of the boarding craft that fled after the failed invasion attempt that led to the destruction of the hijacked ship the 'Black Nova, which was being used by the mercenaries as a base of operations. See file 492546W# for result and reasons for promotion of Ensign Tiny Jackson to sergeant.
Day six - In the early hours a mercenary working for Bob Harris was caught during an attempt to kill Lt. Jason Smegg. The mercenary was arrested and is now being held in the brig.
The search for the traitor and the interrogation of the mercenary continues.
Log out.
Frank Harris personal log
The traitor is still among the crew and I can't abide traitors. A clue to the traitor's identity was found when someone used the mainframe's anti-virus software to destroy a number of hunter/killer viruses designed to destroy 'Psycho Bob'. The security code of one Lenny Ming was used, either someone wants to make security officer Ming to look like a traitor or Ming wanted it to look that way. But which one? That investigation still continues.
There is a celebratory party being held at the MacDonalds on the promenade to which all senior officers have been invited. Personally, I need some quiet time for myself so I will give the party I miss and spend some free time in the botanical gardens on Deck 25. Barely anyone goes down there but for the gardeners looking after the place so I know I will not be disturbed.
Harris out.

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