Cmdr Niples "Small thieves"

Commander Niples
Blue Dwarf
Seymore tossed and turned in his bed, he just couldn't get to sleep. He had a lot of things on his mind, including what had happened recently.
He turned over in his bed and looked at the darkened wall, he could see the shadow of something moving across the room. Immediately he shot up and turned on the lights.
The captains rat, Bobo stood still in he middle of the room, obviously caught red-handed. Holding Seymore's electric toothbrush in its paws it looked at the commander.
"What are you doing?" asked Seymore.
The rat stood there on its hind legs and looked at him, then it looked at the door, and then back at him. Suddenly it made a break for it- the small rat ran towards the door, clutching the toothbrush.
"Oh no you don't you little thief!" shouted Niples, getting out of bed and heading towards the door to block him off.
Bobo stopped running, realising he was cornered. He held up the toothbrush in a defensive position.
"Its alright," said Seymore softly. "I'm not going to hurt you."
The rat wasn't impressed, he never took his beady eyes off the larger human.
"Look..." said Niples, croutching closer to the ground. "I know you're not a normal rodent. I know you have a lot more intelligence than most rats." and probably more than this crew too, thought Niples.
Bobo's expression didn't change. He was obviously not in any position to trust humans.
"Can you even understand me? Can you speak ENGLISH?... of course not you're a mouse- why am I even talking to you? And what the frell are you doing with my electric toothbrush?"
Bobo looked at the toothbrush he was carrying and shrugged.
"Ok," said Seymore. "I'm going to let you go- just because I'm curious. I'd be interested to know what a seven and a half centimeter rat is going to do with a toothbrush."
Niples stepped aside and let the rat walk freely out of the sliding door.
Bobo walked into the hall and rounded a corner. He opened the toothbrush and took the batteries out from inside, throwing the rest of the toothbrush away.
"Smeg-head" he squeaked and scuttled off.
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